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    After a weekend full of computer woes, I’m back on…snapped some pics today of my DIY stocks that I finished…some results better than others. Some I have more grain to fill in one day… enjoy

    So the first one isnt a DIY stock, but I’ve finally gotten my S400C in .177 back. Went to Pomona for a power mod. Screw all the way in… around 500fps 1/4 turn…600fps 1/2 turn…700fps 1 full turn….800fps 2 turns…. 900fps. All rounded off. Topped with a 4x16x50 Niko Nighteater. Carbon fiber brake.

    Next is a DIY stock from Richards… non AG so I wont go into detail.

    Next we have the R9 with a Macarri stock. Home tuned with Macarri bits. Topped with a 44Mag. Paul Watts brake.

    HW77k with stock of unknown origin, looks to be Macarri. Got it in a trade. Bushnell Legend 5x15x44. Still need to find a suitable buttpad for it.

    Pic of the group…

    RWS54 with Mike Abernethy stock. Leapers 3x9x40 scope and home tuned with Macarri bits. Tim Wilson brake.

    RWS34 with Macarri stock, home tuned with Macarri bits. Leapers 3x9x40. Paul Watts brake and cut choke recrowned. Home stippling job.

    HW30AW with Banner 4x12x40. Paul Watts tuned. Stock by Steve Corcoran.

    TX200 with Mike Abernethy stock. Paul Watts tuned. 44Mag scope.

    TX200 .22 with Macarri Tyro stock. Tuned by Pomona. 44Mag scope.

    Last, the R7 with Macarri Stock, Trophy 4x12x40, home tuned with Macarri bits…


    Beautiful! Does a brake actually help on a springer?


    A brake on a springer does several things… protects the crown, gives a nice cocking aid, and keeps a bit more weight forward for easier offhand shooting. Plus they look cool…. 8)

    Far as noise reduction… nope. Most of the noise in a springer is due to the spring itself anyway.


    Well, I meant for recoil. Ive no experience with a springer but Ive heard there is allot of spring recoil when you fire it. Enough to break scopes and keep them moving all the time.


    recoil… well, yes and no. Any additional weight on the gun will reduce felt recoil, but I dont think a brake will help enough to make a difference, no.

    They will still be hard on scopes. It’s not the rearward recoil so much as the forward/reverse recoil unique to a springer that makes them harder to shoot and hard on scopes. Still, they can be quite accurate….


    Rob: they are all very pretty. I’m not a fan of Springers compared to PCPs, but your posts and others’ often make me change my mind, if only for a while.

    Can you tell me more about the rifle with the Yellow Richards stock? You say that it’s non-AG, but it’s still a fine looking piece of wood. It’s a little on the flashy side compared to your other stocks: is that deliberate, or did fate just land it in your hands?



    Eat your heart out. The only airgun they do is the QB78


    Tef… it was intentional. I wanted an ‘in your face’ stock for that project.
    It’s a Ruger 10/22 with a competition hammer, sear, and trigger… .920 bull barrel, and a Tack Driver series stock from Richards…

    But alas, WOK is correct. The QB 78 is the only airgun they do. I’ve got two that should be coming in October for QB’s. One in Black Pepper laminate and one in Royal Camo laminate. We’ll see how they turn out.

    Thanks for the kind words


    Man what a beautiful collection! I love it!
    I have been thinking of getting the Air Arms TX-200 Springer. I agree with the other guy too,I am not a big springer fan but I would like one to have fun with. Do you recommend the TX-200 for maybe just having one in my armory?
    I was looking at a Beeman R1
    A RWS 54 . I want a springer in .177 Cal. So far the TX-200 MK III I like with the idea of the underlever and shrouded barrel. I like that. Can you give me a recommendation on a production model to buy?

    Man your rifles are sweet!


    Thanks all…

    With the TX200, you cannot go wrong. They are heavy though. I prefer the HC version over the regular TX. The HC is the Hunter Carbine. It is a touch shorter and has the cocking aid standard. I find the regular TX to be a bit nose heavy. Both versions are very easy to tear down and lube properly. Dont even need a spring compressor.

    Another one to keep in mind is the HW97. I’ve got the LK version with the blue laminate stock and it’s a tackdriver. Again… heavy.

    May as well just get it in your head that most of the good high end springers will be heavier than many PCP’s. The R9 is also a really good choice with lots of aftermarket accessories available… they are also easy to work on.


    I know that all these springers are going to be built kind of like Tanks. I used to have a Beeman years ago. I can’t remember what model but it was a cheaper one and it shot really well. I did have a RWS 48 in .25 Cal but sold it to a friend. The thing with that .25 cal RWS was at times I could shoot through the same hole then it would be an inch over and then it would be six inches over! I hated that. I have no use for a rifle I can’t be consistant with.
    I just want the .177 in this springer. I have my Talon SS all tricked out from Anthony in .22 cal and soon I want him to build me a Condor. The springer concept I just want is to be blasting some .177 pellets with 😈
    Thanks very much for your insight and sharing your experience with the Air Arms. The Carbine eh?…
    I was also looking at this Beeman PCP Field target rifle. I bet that thing is a blast too.
    Your air rifles are absolutely beautiful.
    thanks again.


    Everyone should remember this is only a fraction of his collection….

    Wait until he shows you the entire hoard.. 😯



    Man thats an impressive collection.

    My squirrel still wants to pet your Pussy.


    haha… I’ve got a couple of Daisy Red Ryders laying around as well… 😉

    I guess a new forum with new members means dragging out some pics that older members are likely quite sick of seeing….


    I have read in Jock’s journal “Elliott On Airguns” the different Red Riders through the time frames and history if Daisy and even how Daisy came to be.

    I took out all my large caliber autos (Im sick of) and brought them over to my brothers house to crowd up his larger Kodiak safe so I could start a collection of a few decent air rifles for my smaller armory. I might be crazy for this but I love Air guns!

    I would like to see a link or some photos of your stuff when ever possible if everyone else wouldn’t mind.
    How many air guns do you own?
    Is it like Rick Neilson of Cheap Trick with his guitars? 😉

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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