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small tanks dumb question

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    When it say 4500 psi fill pressure and regulated to 2,900 psi , Does that mean the regulated pressure is the pressure I can fill my gun to, 2,900 psi ?????
    Or could I fill it to 3,300 psi because the tank holds 4500 psi ?????
    Make it simple for me , LOL

    •Carbon Fiber Tank
    •Max Fill Pressure of 4,500 PSI
    •Regulated To 2,900 PSI Output & up to 10% 90 Cubic Inches
    •Only weight 4.10 lb
    •. 4.50 Inches Wide
    •13 Inches Tall [Top of valve]
    • Includes: Fill devices with female Foster quick-disconnect fitting and Carbon Fiber Tank


    2900psi output means you can only fill your guns to 2900psi.


    OK thanks
    I could live with a small tank filling my Cricket to 2,900 psi
    I wonder if there is a way around that,
    I know its not much difference but I like starting out at 3,300 psi.
    Is it an easy fix or would I have to replace the whole regulator ?
    When I do buy its going to be a new one, I just would not feel right with a used 4500 psi tank sitting next to me in my truck, Or in a backpack,
    I do not think it will explode, But with my luck, :rofl: :rofl:


    I think you guys are miscommunicating.
    Mike, if you are referring to a small carbon fiber wrapped tank like they use for paintball. The fill is usually 4500psi and the output pressure is regulated down to whatever…. In your example 2900psi


    Ok I buy the small tank, I fill it to 4500psi, I can only fill my gun to 2900 psi because that’s what the tank is regulated to,
    That’s right , Right, What do I have to do to fill to 3300 psi, Buy a new regulator ????


    Yes, you would either readjust the regulator, (depending on type of regulator) remove/add shims or springs… Or purchase new regulator….
    I would probably, tether the 4500 carbon tank to the gun as it would give a steady supply of 2900 psi regulated air up until the carbon tank drops off below the pressure of the regulator and whats stored in the gun.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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