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    Any of you use this stuff on pellets for your Talon SS? Which method of lubing pellets do you prefer?
    I also bought some Talon SS quieting equipment today. Does this look like the right stuff? Sorry for the image sizes. I freakin’ hate BBcode.

    And an 80cf scuba tank with free fills for life. Last one left. $200 total.

    *Edited due to Gigantic Size…WOK”


    too lube the pellets up I’ve cut thin pieces of foam to fit inside the tins, then I give the foam a good soaking with standard gun oil, works good for me.


    I wash twice with 99% isopropyl alcohol,
    allow them to dry for an hour on a couple
    of paper towels covered by a paper towel
    to keep dust from settling on them.
    Once dry, pour them on to a paper towel
    sprayed with SL50 one lube, and roll around
    to coat the load bearing surfaces of the pellets, pour
    back in to the tin and leave the tin slightly open
    overnight so the vehicle in the SL50 can evaporate.
    Reseal the tin with tape and you’re good to go.
    You will ntice that Kodiaks will turn the
    alcohol a bluish-grey murky color because they are
    coated with a waxy substance. Make sure
    to double wash them.

    I’m kind of picky though. I even de-burr all
    of the pellets that go through my guns.
    Kodiaks are notorious for having burrs
    on their skirts and they are the predominant
    pellet for me in pest control. I’ve used them out
    to 85-100 yards on big birds with great success.



    forgive the dumb question here but….are we talking about slick 50 as in auto mobile products or is there an sl50 lube for pelets…if so where can i buy it..


    It’s called Slick Fifty One Lube, comes in
    a red spray can available at any NAPA store,
    $3-4 for a 12 oz can. It works great. A lot of
    target pros use it.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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