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    Hi Guys
    My Talon had a fair bit of work done on it (brass hammer and 2 different tophats, machined from a single piece of metal,one with a bigger hole).

    Is the bottom bit (piece that goes into valve first) suppose to be rough. Mine has vice like indents in it. Should I be polishing it to make it smooth?


    Dave S


    No, the vice marks are to hold the valve stem retainer in place. Polish the sides which ride in the valve for a frictionless action or as much as. Don’t remove any material just shine her up.


    Will do



    Be carefull pulling the valve stem out from the front. The knurl that press fits into the delrin valve may scar the ID of the front brass part. I suspect that when AirForce make the valves up they insert the shaft from the back of the brass piece and then attach the top hat.

    When I pulled mine out from the front I scratched up the bore of the brass piece 🙁 Those knurls may actually be larger in OD than the shaft itself, so stop if you feel resistance!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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