Silhuette targets

Hello Guys,

My friend (FinnishVisitor) made very nice steel silhuette targets. Since he so rarely posts here I thought I let you know the idea which I like very much myself.



Laser-cutted from 5mm thick steel. Glass pearl blasted and painted with primary.

Biggest is 80mm wide (~3 inch) which is shot from 40 meters.
Smallest (chicken) is 33mm wide (1.25 inch) and shot from 20 meters.

The sizes and shooting distances are half of “real” .22 rimfire silhuettes.

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Hi Ya.

Targets are laser cutted as McMike explaned. Water cutting would work way better, but it is more expensive.
Sure these looks better than stamped, but stamping is more cost efficient.

I made some batch of the targets for friends too as smaller volume would be too expenceive to order. This is not my busines at all. Sure I can sell targets to you as well, but I think that price will be too salty. Three reasons; small volume, exchange rate is unfavourable for you and freight expences.

I am sure that you fellas can find someone to make laser cutting or water cutting for your trigger components.

Unfortunately I have spent all my time with tagret engineering so I haven’t had chance to write here ๐Ÿ˜† To be serious, this moment my interest is in external ballistics and internall ballistics too. The internal ballistic expression is maybe a bit odd in airgun contex, but still appropriate. I mean: My intention is to understand the pressure behavior in the barrel of PCP. How to do that? I don’t know yet. Maybe simulations or experimentation will work here.

By the way, Friday night we got some two or three inches of show.
And a bit more. I shoot my best 3×5 group on Saturday. 16mm, 19.5mm and 27mm from 50m. All series in row in one go to one tager no filling between series. Shot outside. My result is still far away from the top.
The challeng is give now, come and join to shooting competition. The top result is very hard to beat. Please join to competition and show us some better results.
If you won’t like to register to Finnish forum you can post your results to me, McMike or Tunajussi and we can put result to competition for you.
Rules in english are here http://forum.eralle.net/viewtopic.php?t=35685.

Very nice. Now all we need is him to lazer cuts some trigger components for the talon ๐Ÿ˜€

quote Yellow Ninja:

Very nice…

Personal use only or is he going to start making them for sale? They look a lot nicer than the stam6ped once I’ve seen floating around.

I think he made 50-100 sets (4 in each set) because laser-cutting service requires medium batch or is really expensice per piece.

And he IS actually selling them for 15รขโ€šยฌ per set.

Very nice…

Personal use only or is he going to start making them for sale? They look a lot nicer than the stamped once I’ve seen floating around.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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