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    Hi all,

    I am new to the group and am I looking at buying a Talon P ..However I understand that they can be loud and NOT backyard friendly. However I have seen several online postings that which the right accessories (DonnyFl and TalonTunes) that the Talon P can be a very quiet pistol. Can anyone confirm this or any have hands on results with a Talon P and Donny FL items…. Please let me know..I would love to hear and see everyone Talon P…



    There has to be a balance for how you plan to use the gun. If you are going to be shooting from inside the house/enclosure. Shooting full power or even medium power, the hammer slap is going to echo inside and sound like a .22 rim fire going off. For close range pesting, reduce the power and the gun will be very quiet. The suppressors will lower the muzzle report but to lower the hammer slap, you need to lower the power.



    My TalonP was set up for 40 fpe, and I was using a DonnyFl adapter and Ronin. Perfect combination. I was set back from my window a few feet, and none was the wiser. The pellet hitting the target (usually a pest animal) was louder than the report of the airgun. YMMV



    there is no such a thing as a silent airforce gun,

    they all have a massive springs in them is like a proper pogo stick/ boinger :rofl:
    technology from the eighties

    regarding the silencers, i am really surprised that you have such a limited choice in the USA, it is just a shitty cheap piece of aluminium, in europe you can get decent ones for under 50$ easily, i think airgunners are stupid spoiled rich big kids these days. oh yeah go on spend over 100 or 150 for a can



    I wish Caboose’s sister would pose for MY avatar!!!!


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    i think airgunners are stupid spoiled rich big kids these days. oh yeah go on spend over 100 or 150 for a can

    One day, Kris, when you grow up and become an adult, you too will understand what we are discussing on this forum, the big words will no longer anger you. Further, you will understand how to capitalize the the first letter that begins a sentence, and…just perhaps, you will become proficient in putting a period at the end of your sentences! Keep plugging away…those high school diplomas don’t grow on trees!

    Kind regards,

    Uncle Hoot

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    I have an LDC from Texas Air which I’ll try as soon as I get the adapter from DonnyFl. A guy at my range has the same setup on his Talon P – it is very quiet. $80-ish all in, which seemed a good deal. I’ll report back when I have all the bits and can test it.

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