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Any one here have any exp. with Sight Mark tactical scopes? Nice looking, but kinda high in power.



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Ive only got to play with the Viper a bit but it was a really nice, and clear scope. I would upgrade to one of those in a heartbeat.

Still can’t find where teh Sight Mark is made. I am hearing good things about the MTC Viper. Any one?

I dont find the 56mm Leapers all that bright. Honestly my Leupold 40mm seemed about the same, but thats how Leupold rolls.

I wouldnt feel bad losing the 6mm for some quality glass.

I wonder how it would Compair to a Leapers 56MM objective scope!

Thanks Buster Theis is the type Info I’m looking for! Found a good price on one. Dealer claims that they are made here in Texas. I was wondering if they really are or make in China like everythig else, and dimply distributed from Texas. Would you be kind enough to check if it has a made in stamp on the scope or box?

Thanks; Mike

i have a one its 8.5-25×50 IR, i like it a lot very clear and bright side focus and a nice adjustment lock on ajustments i changed a bsa 6-24×40 IR on my tss because the sightmarck is a lot brighter in any magnification, and it came with rings not 11mm but i had a b square adapter, i got it for 150.00 so it was a very good buy for me, the only thing i didnt like was its hard to turn adjustment knobs the bsa was a lot esier and it was repetable dont know if the sightmark has repetable clicks, and another good thing is it dosent get almost any glare and it dosent have a shade .

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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