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Even though those pages end in .jpg, they are html pages. to use the img tags it has to be a direct link to JUST the picture file itself. A direct link, if entered into the address bar of a web browser will just show the picture. it wont show a picture embedded in a webpage like those links above.

As a note, those web pages above have a few boxes on the right of the picture, one of them says ‘Direct link” and has a URL to copy, That url will work with img tags on this forum.

And still not quiet enough……………
Recomandations please

see if this works

I would still say a 2.5″-3″ expansion chamber in front of the barrel will solve your problems if it is the report your hearing and not the hammer slapping the brech.

My gun is a tss, 5.5 caliber, 12 inch long barrel and normal talon valve, vented bushing, plus the machined internals that y put in the unvented frame!(Sorry for my english!) I hope that the posted pics can be opened!

Pyrania, see the mebelowsea post below, i’ve explained some things in a little more detail. What kind of set up do you have calibur, condor or talon valve, barrel length. I think your restricting the air release with no expansion chamber in front of the barrel?? Just a guess from what i can see. Can we get a pic of everything as they line up? Looks like a custom long front bushing?? Is the frame vented as well?

You have to get the direct URL for the image/picture and put a

code :[img]

at the start of the link and then a

code :[/img]

at the end.

So if this –


is your URL link it would look like this

code :[img]http://s267.photobucket.com/albums/ii295/pyrania_2008/?action=view&current=IMG_3281.jpg[/img]

Nice job! I put the pics of my shroud internals!

Photo bucket seems to be the prefered host, i think they do a good job and are easy to use. So if you have a free account go to the bottom of your image left click on IMG code, it should flag copied come back and right click, scrool down to paste and left click, done. Hope to see your pics. Here is a shroud i’m working on, PVC is the material. If i had a lathe it’d likely be ali, but i have a therory that the thick walls of the PVC will be a better sound deadening material as polys don’t resonate like metal will.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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