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Shoebox..Yong Heng or tuxing

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    Being that right now the shoebox compressor F 10 is on sale for $499 and the Yong Heng / tuxing around the same price I’m contemplating buying one right now I just want to make sure that I’m buying the right one for my needs. I love American made products and I also like the fact that the shoebox compressor is serviceable and has great reviews for people using them over the years with no problems. Yet Yong Heng and tuxing are the “new hottness” but haven’t been out for as long as the shoe box has so nobody really knows the long Jevity of these compressors… i’m just looking for an honest opinion on which one you guys would recommend…. I have a guppy tank that I’m looking to fill along with my Ed gun Matador and kalibre cricket.


    I am not really a fan of any of them. But, if they are your only choices, then go with the Shoebox. Our insurance broker has given us a warning to no longer take in the Chinese compressors for service for liability reasons. But, the Shoebox is not part of the list.

    Your decision, but just my $.02.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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