Shiney Thing !!!

Start of new project ,this being a lump of 128x70x30 6082 T6 alloy for my 8 shot rotary mag bullpup. Ive got to put a 14mm hole all the way through this on my tiny lathe for the probe and barrel to line up and a 15mm x 90mm deep hole for the hammer to travel . This all done on an 8″ lathe is going to be scary ! 😯

Putting it in a four jaw chuck on a 6mm hold is looking the only way of machining it .Its going to be quite a mass to swing at any speed but il see 🙂
So as with the last gun this is going to take an absurd amount of time to complete and very likely to drag on for far too long. It may also be a no starter if i cant machine these to holes but arfter spending 4 months finalizing the drawings i realy want to give it a go .So L8ter all …….Much Later hehe 😀


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Well impresed by your build.

If ur still intersted,I could lend you my combro CB625 (http://www.chronoscopes.com) after 8th march for testing.


goodluck…77 more post to go

If it is ….. do i win a prize !!!! ……no …damit 😀

Any post that wanders aimlessly on , teasing the orcational pic and still not finishing ….. for nearly a year is bound to score high ! …. that and the Russian forums …hehe. 😀

My count went up by 4000 in 2 weeks as a result of pissing the Ruskis off 😀

is this the highest view count on the board?

😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 ill check the site regulary but i dont post to often, but DUDE r u serious!!! you made the rifle from nothing to that beauty, you are my hero, im still in shock, im trying to find any imperfection and nothing is just perfect YOU R THE MAN!!!!!!!

quote baz:

Just eye balled it, going to make myeslf one, nothing to it really.


Yeh it shoots straight as far as i can tell !. When i finished it the weather got cold which stopped me from shooting with the back door open , lost my shooting permission ( the lady who owned the land was a stuck up b*** and i didnt want to buy her a bottle of wine for the permission and abuse i was getting… damit ) and i nt got any cash to join the gun club .
So the only time ive got to shoot it was when id had 5 cups of coffee over 20 yards in the back garden but i was getting 8 shots within 10mm so it looks promising.
The reg,s on hold until i can get some cash for a S200 cylinder/ DOM tube to cut up for the reservoir , so all going well i should tinker more in a few months time 😀 ….. and i still need a dam chrono 😕 .

update please , did it shoot straight ok ?

awesome work

£15 on a 0,0 chuck to hold the small drills
£20 on 30mm and 20mm dia brass bar approx 400mm length and a piece of Nylon 66
£5 on drills ( think the .50 mm drills cost £2.50 for four alone ! )
and that dont include the disc springs , o-rings yet
I could / may buy a cheap tap and die set for £15 say …. but i hate cheap tools because they dont cut right 😕 , and thats not a split die set !….they cost alot more !
This all sets me up to make a few more reg,s , so it will spread the cost.
Welcome to my expensive world 😀

FOURTY POUNDS!? I’m choked.

Maybe it will cost less to send matherial and tools from Ukraine?
Couple of thread-cutting tools (die and tap) cost 10$. New, not used.
Slightly used – 2-3$. For die and tap both.
Kilogramm of brass – 10$

Best regards – Gennady


quote :

But why You did so big step of thread on screw?

Yeh i can see the metric course threads being a problem to adjust 🙁 , but the trouble is i dont have any metric fine taps or dies and im too skint to buy any at the moment . Have to see what Father Xmas brings 🙂 and then il redo those parts . Its all alearning curve and i just want to get setup ….then il tinker 😀 .
To make this one cost enough 🙁 about £40 in tools and brass and ive still got to get some DOM tubing of the right size damit.
Ive drawn up a new regulator based on the BSA reg for my new gun so a tap and die set and chronograph will be a must soon !.

You did it! Exellent work.

But why You did so big step of thread on screw? With little step of thread (0.5 mm) You will get more comphortable regulating.

Best regards – Gennady

Just eye balled it, going to make myeslf one, nothing to it really.

I don’t care what anyone say’s that does not look easy 😉

Love the update. Keep er coming. 😀

Finaly finished the internal parts of my regulator from the drawings South gave me. Disc springs are on order so all ive got to do is find a piece of DOM tube to put it in …. the hassel part ! 😕 . Also got to make a plug with a gauge fitted to test the reg with .

Finished sorting the problems out on the T4 , lighter spring on the shear , smaller bore on the transfer port and the cocking probe . As a result it alot easier to cock and locks solid , im getting 10 more shots with less air being wasted ( abit quiter as well ) . So its not over yet !
Il be back …… 😀

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