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    Start of new project ,this being a lump of 128x70x30 6082 T6 alloy for my 8 shot rotary mag bullpup. Ive got to put a 14mm hole all the way through this on my tiny lathe for the probe and barrel to line up and a 15mm x 90mm deep hole for the hammer to travel . This all done on an 8″ lathe is going to be scary ! 😯

    Putting it in a four jaw chuck on a 6mm hold is looking the only way of machining it .Its going to be quite a mass to swing at any speed but il see 🙂
    So as with the last gun this is going to take an absurd amount of time to complete and very likely to drag on for far too long. It may also be a no starter if i cant machine these to holes but arfter spending 4 months finalizing the drawings i realy want to give it a go .So L8ter all …….Much Later hehe 😀


    this one could be very iteresting lol go at it mate 😛


    If you get stuck for a bigger capacity machine and your ever over my way please feel free to use what machines i have. It’s not the best stuff in the world but your more than welcome to it.
    Adcock n Shipley 2E

    Colchester master, short bed.

    Also have annodising equipment.


    Think Blodnob shown me them just to upset me! …lol
    Remeber the time when i had a Bridgeport mill with horizontal head attachment , 8″ vice , 3 axis DRO, 10″ rotary table , tool chest full to the top and slotting head on the back which sat alongside a M300 Harrison long bed lathe which had hardly been run in and was the last thing my Dad bought for me before he died (£900 for the lot !). But arfter moving the machines (1 and 3/4 tones for the mill alone )…. twice….. and nearly breaking my arm one time , id had enough and they had to go 😥 ( trebled my money) ,all ive got is the bridge cabinet but thats the way it gose.
    Small machines mean youve got to be the mother of invention !


    i think i can see a valve in that chuck,ahh them lathes have made my life so good,


    Hey Buba, can you mount the cutter in the chuck and put that slab on your table? Maybe with a boring bar holder?


    go for it Bubba, i started out with a shiney thing and put it in my 4jaw chuck to bore, 1 hole for a 16m barrel and the other one for the air cylinder to fit through and then milled the waist away to make a scope mount and barrel support all out of 1 peice, couple of O ring groves to cousion against the air cylinder deep boring on a small lathe is possible, keep us posted on your progress.


    One way im thinking of boring it is like what Shadoh mentions and that would be to put a bar from the chuck to the tailstock with a cutter mid way .The billet would be bolted to the top slide , with the bar through the hole and just run the feed. The cutter would have to be moved to cut for size. Ive got to look into this as it will require dismantling the top slide of the lathe and bolting an angle plate on with the billet to it. Thats one hell of a setup to do that. Ive got the block square and ive now taken my mill apart because its crap and needs to be better before the next part of the job 😯 il be back shortly LOL


    Milled the block square to within .02 and then got busy 😀 .Got it done with a boring bar in the end , as Baz said it is possiable ,made a bar out of 12mm bar and took light cuts , for less vibrating and swarf clearance . Could only spin it at 280rpm as the mass of the billet was making the m/c rock like crazy. Reminds me to bolt the lathe down sometime 😀

    The second hole was more on centre and alot easier. Got upto 380rpm before Scotty said ” she cana take no more captian”

    Waiting for my cylinder to arrive and i can finish the other end, its going too smoothly , somethings got to give …..hmm L8r 😀


    Got some more done 😀 , im using a S200 air cylinder which cost £52.00 .It worked out cheaper to buy a cylinder than to find and machine the materials required to make one. Il use the valve in the cylinder ,just going to knock it open with a piece of rod hit by the hammer. Bored the face for a M16 x 1.5 thread .

    Block milled to square and finish dia,s , its finaly shiney for the moment !. I seam to spend most of my time waiting for tooling to arrive. The main supplier here (which i use to use when i was an engineer) didnt even know what a pair of odd leg scribers were 😯 . I can see why engineering has gone tits up with firms like this around !. Too many dick heads in shirts and ties in this country 🙁 making nothing , and leaching off the population by recycling the same cash . Opps rant over 😀

    Got some slots to mill L8R all


    THat is awesome. Cant wait to see how it turns out.


    Crap weather and a day off leads to lots of the time in the shed. Milled the slots for the trigger group

    Next pic shows the 6mm slot for the trigger shear to engage with the hammer. Also in the probe bore you can just see a 4mm radius groove in the bore , which ball bearings will be pushed into to lock the probe shut. Clear as mud! 😕

    The magazine will hold 8 pellets in the 12mm slot , the rotary mag is going to be the difficult part as it will require at least 6 milling ops on one face alone.

    The next bit will be milling a 4mm x 24mm deep slot in the side ,but im waiting on reamers to arrive and then i can get drilling the holes for the trigger group ect. Plenty of opportunity to bugger it yet 😀 L8R all


    looking great mate keep it up 😀


    I am not ashamed to ask, odd leg scriber what is that?

    I own odd leg calipers, is that the same thing?

    Is this what you are speaking of?

    Might just be what people call something.

    I have owned a set for 40 years and have never used them once. 😀


    Last I remember, those are called hermaphrodite calipers, according to my Starrett catalog. I don’t own a set, but I can think of plenty of uses for em.:)


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