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Ran out of right clicks my sound stupid but do I need to shim on the right side or left. 😳

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Thanks I will get after it in the morning. 🙂

are you shooting with a moderator? possibly some interference there? Maybe try remove and reinstall barrel; sounds like an alignment issue. If you can mount another scope in the same rings, try this first. This will narrow down whether the problem is in the scope or the alignment of the barrel. If the second scope sights in properly I’d look at replacing the other one. If both are off, the barrel might not be exactly centered. I presume running out of right clicks means you are shooting to the left of point of aim; if you must shim, you would do so on the LEFT of the rear scope ring or the RIGHT of the front ring. Possibly both if it is too far off. I’ve never had a right to left issue unless there was a mounting or barrel problem though.

Hope you get it sorted out

If you ran out of clicks moving up, put a shim under the scope in the front mount. If you ran out of clicks moving it down, put the shim under the scope on the rear mount.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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