shark solidpoint pellets from sunshine airguns, any good??

anybody uses these, and how are they??can’t get them in the netherlands, wonder wether it’s worth to take a few home 🙂 got both .22 and .25 barrels.

cheers, vincent


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Bill Calfee is one of the top rimfire benchrest gunsmiths around. He measures barrels for their cutoff point to find the tightest choke by slugging the bore. After years of warning of the dangers of pulling bullets he has finaly gotten Eley to ship him small quantities of slugs. These might be accurate in a gun with a powder barrel.

I am interested in the experiences others have had using solid pellets or cast and sized projectiles, as great gains in downrange energy are available with the increased BC. I hunt very sly coyotes in South Texas, with calls and a shrouded Condor and would like to have more velocity and energy in the 100 yd range.
I also wonder about saboting my .25 bbl to shoot the 32 grain .204 balistic tip used in reloading the .204 Ruger. I see the challenges as 1) getting the sabots, and 2) adequate spin to stabilize such a long skinny projectile. Using Greenhills formula and measuring the twist rate answers the spin rate question, anybody fooled around with or know where to get sabots?

I’ve got some of the .25 solids like that. Old stock from Pelletman, I think. Out of my Condor, they do ok, but nothing to replace Kodiaks.

hehehe, yep, actually i got 2 of those blank barrels on the way 🙂 can’t buy .22 lr bullets legally in the netherlands (need a FAC for that ) but already found a dutchie who is casting 44 grainers himself, and is willing to sell/supply me with those 😉 (and that’s legal) but it would be nice if the sharks perform well out of a standard barrel, it gived me more options..

Well, if 100+ yard penetration is what you are after then it may be a wise choise to look at a .22 Powderburner barrel and pulled .22 Bullets.

hi teflon tron. yup, you’re right, am not gonna expect much expansion with a solidpoint. thing is that i tried eley magnum solidpoints, and the downrange energy is fantastic, but it lacks accuracy. I’m not legally allowed to hunt in the netherlands, so no expansion needed. it does kind of do it for me though when i zip through various targets at a 100 yards where an eun jin would get stuck. in the beginning penetration between these two pellets is similar, but the eun jin slows down a lot more in it’s flight. cheers, vincent

Vincent, I haven’t tried them personally, but they will penetrate very deeply for sure and almost certainly without any expansion. If this is a characteristic that you desire then the Dae Sung will do all of this already and has the added bonus of being cheaper, more readily available and being a proven performer that is known to be accurate for those that use them.

no problems ninja, but nobody ever tried them??

ahh, my bad. I didnt realise they made anything but hollowpoint and I tend to skim over rather important facts when I read….

ok, but those are the holowpoints, right? how about the solidpoint?

Massive expansion so they do that part of their job fine, but their accuracy sucks after about 20 yards for me.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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