seeking info / wtb – gamo cfx 22

hi guys

im looking into getting one of these and asking for people to share first hand accounts and opinions about the gun

i will be outfitting it with a scope and using it for pest control

the biggest things i will be taking with it are raccoons cats and the occasional chicken or turkey

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Well said Rob. I was very surprised to learn what damage those pellets do to spring guns.

Again, Gamo treated me like dirt when Ihad the problems with my .22 caliber CFX. PA’s 30 day return policy allowed me to send it back and upgrade to my TSS. Thanks PA!

Given the damage that Gamo has done to the airgunning community as a whole with their ‘super duper gold plated .177 hog killing’ pellets, I wouldnt give Gamo a dime of my money.

Spend the extra coin and get an RWS 34 in .22. Solid performer and can be found for under $200.

Well, I stick with what I said. I liked my .22 CFX but it had some unforgivable traits, was manufactured by a company who is satisfied selling us junk, and just doesn’t have the power to make clean effective kills, (in my opinion). Others, however seem to like the .177 CFX. Living here in Los Angeles, I fully understand the “I don’t want it stolen mentality”. Good luck with whateve you settle on.

i have a condor and a tss i was just looking for something to throw in my truck that i wouldn’t have to worry about it getting stolen

The .22 caliber CFX is what put me on the path to my Talon SS, (which is one of the air rifles I think that you should buy). My CFX only did 580 fps max, (with Crosman 14.3 gr domed hollow points), even though it was advertised as shooting 900 fps from Gamo. It also had the bad habit of denting the pellet skirts as they entered the chamber. Gamo couldn’t care less; their Gamo, and I’m not. That didn’t go over very well with me at all. Friends don’t let friends buy Gamo’s. I did like the finish, stock, shootability. There was much that I liked but the poor velocity, and accuracy due to quality control issues that the manufacturer was content with, left looking elsewhere.

I really like my SS! 😀 Power, accuracy, and it looks cool. Putting pellets through a squirrels head is better than my beloved Benjamin 392 ever did, (650 fps max with Crosman 14.3 gr). From what I have read here, I would think long and hard about a Condor in .22 or .25. I know, they’re pricey!

Once you get past the price thing and into the power and quietness of a TSS, (see the for new members section quitening your SS), you might save a little longer, or sell something to be able to afford an AF gun. You might want to look up some posts under our hunting section here on the TAG. You will see what guys are taking and with what. Triggerman down in Texas has some good posts. So do many others, but I think of him right off hand. I’m not sure if opposums and racoons are in the same league, but some guys here have put the brakes on many “shed rats” with the TSS. I think that Triggerman has taken several at respectful distances. I salute TM and the others who have effectively, efficiently, and humanely taken critters with a puff of air and a bit of lead! 😀

Welcome, and good luck!

The CFX is an absolutely GREAT gun… in .177. My first “adult” airgun was a CFX .177, shot it a ton, did a lot of stuff to it, including installing a Theoben gas ram. Gave it to my brother, who sold it to help finance a Talon SS :-). Last time we chronied it, it was shooting Superdomes at a very consistent 15 fpe or about 900 fps. I liked that one so much, I bought one of the .22’s when they first came out, planning on doing another conversion. Unfortunately (?), I got my first Talon SS shortly after that, and although it was the last of 5 or 6 springers to go, it did go. Compared to the .177, it was just too much of a dog. I’ll admit, I really didn’t shoot it enough to break it in, maybe 500 pellets, but it was only doing 15 fpe with .22 Superdomes, that was only about 685 fps. Loopy trajectory and only fair accuracy, and just too damn much work for not nearly enough power. Racoons might be a push, but all the rest would be well within the capability of the .177 CFX out to 30 or 40 yards, depending on the shooter’s ability, of course :-). I’d say even a ‘coon would be fair game if you limit the range to 20 maybe 25 yards. Hope that’s some help. Later.


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