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    Hi all

    I am new to the group and I am looking to build the perfectly silent backyard air gun that is very quiet … CAn anyone please here recommend gun, shrouds, tune accessories ect…Looking to stay under $1000.00 if possible, but I would love to hear everyone take on this…as there are so many options


    AAC , Before you buy an air gun write down what you really want it for : (1) Pesting , Paper target shooting , etc. , (2) What caliber do you want
    it in , (3) How large of a shooting area will you have to shoot in , (4) How do you plan to refill your gun with air : hand pump , scuba tank ,
    compressor , carbon fiber tank , all cost from at least $300 up to and over $1000.00 all depends on how much you can spend on your toys .
    After you have answered these questions come back on this forum with all of your info and a lot of people will know what you want and will
    be able to help you out , as of right now we only know that you want a quiet Airfoce P . Hope this will help you to get on the right tract of
    things and welcome to the forum .

    FROM : THE BIRDMAN :tag:


    You are right I should have been more clear. I am looking for pest control and target shooting. Plan on filling will SCUBA. I like to tinker with the guns, so my real question should be which is more quiet wth mods Talson SS w sound lock + DonnyFL Sumo or Talon P with same combo or the Talon tunes gen 6 Moderator. I have a DonnyFL Ronin on another gun and it is great. Looking to upgrade to new gun and I like the AIrForce brand.


    I have a wood stock Bullboss in .25 that cost $600ish. The gun is very powerful,accurate and the quietest gun you will ever shoot with only its stock suppressor. the air tanks ping and target impact make more noise than the shot.
    It is a little on the heavy side, but so is any other gun once you have scoped it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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