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Second Sumo LDC, this one for my P-rod…

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    So I had a friend turn me an adapter to fit a Sumo LDC to my Prod. My Prod has already been graced with a very useful Rocker1 (from GTA) ldc and it’s served its purpose well. But after having bought a Sumo for my Taipan Veteran and loving it very much I decided it would be in my best interest to put a Sumo on the Prod as well. I went ahead and bought another from Donny but I didn’t get a chance to test it until I had an adapter. There are adapters on Ebay but I didn’t want to wait for shipping, though the ones on Ebay are either anodized black if made of aluminum or blued if made from steel. I sure hope Donny has some adapters made so it can be a one-stop shopping trip when purchasing an LDC from him.

    No promises but if I have time this weekend I’ll try to post up a video comparison of my stock Prod and my effective Rocker1 against the Sumo. It’s not going to be comparing apples to oranges as the Sumo costed about twice as much but it may help others decide which to choose from if they find themselves in the market for an LDC.

    Video aside, I did do a quick test when I got home from work today and my quick A/B comparison yielded quite a noticeable difference. Both in volume and in sound signature. I won’t say too much until I’ve had time to process my findings so I don’t have to backtrack at a later time. But the bottom line is that yes, the Sumo did best my other LDC and obviously beat out the stock Prod in sound suppression.

    What I do have for you today is some more LDC porn and I hope I can get to a video soon. If not, sue me.


    Video, as promised:


    Donny FLY thing of Beauty :fishinghole:


    Hi Do You have a link to buy the LDC ? Thanks

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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