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Would a 6 cu. ft. tank that fills to 3000psi work for filling an AF PCP tank?


What type of valve should be on the tank to adapt to the AF filler…?

And recently someone posted about a dive supply store having a yearly sale on tanks…? Which one was that again, I looked, but didn’t find… 😳



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I bought a new 80 3000 psi scuba tank (new) from the local dive shop for 120.00 as no one wanted it as it was PINK!!! I stripped and repainted it and just had to have a visual done on it b4 they refilled it. But even being aluminum they are heavy so mine has a cradle and wheels now for dragging around.


They do make a 6K (6000 psi) tank.
It is 300 lbs empty!
Don’t know how many fills you would get
but I’d hate to load and unload it to get
it refilled!!!!

That was me who posted about Sport Chalet’s annual sale on scuba equiptment in june. My friend told me about it several years ago but I just haven’t had enough of a reason to buy a tank until now. After finding outt that many people use both pumps and tanks, I have ordered a pump. The cylinder I will aquire later. I enjoy my Talon SS so much that I just might buy several; never know. The gentleman who posted about his 443 cubic foot industrial nitrogen cylinder pumped up to 4000 + psi has me rethinking the term “bulk”. I gotta look into that.

A used cylinder is a good idea, but be careful. Some are junk and can’t be used. I just encountered that with a 1987 Luxfer tank that wasmade of a non-certified alloy. That was a wasdte of time.

Martin 777 “oakie pump” has me thinking too. I have a 3 speed jeep transmission and a 2 speed transfer case, hmmm. Or, maybe do something with a mountain bike and its gearing, hmmmm. Or, copy his; immitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I was considering making one out of 2×4’s to get that true red neck look 😀 (no offense intended to any of my cousins). I was wondering how Jed, Jethro, and Granny would engineer one of these.

I bought a used 80cf 300psi Alu tank from my local dive shop for $100 cant beat that!

Thank you sir!

Sport Chalet, i’m thinking Scuba World or something dive shop like… 🙄

synopsys; You’ll need a standard SCUBA tank valve (as sold in the US, Europe has a different fitting) on the tank.

Sports Chalet was mentioned as having an annual sale in June of each year. Watch the newpaper ads for your area for a deal on a used tank. Call SCUBA shops and see what they can do for you as far as a new or used tank. AKULA

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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