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    I’m looking at scope rings and wondering why there is such a range in costs. I understand why 1pc mounts are generally more expensive then 2pc of course, but otherwise what’s the difference?

    Here’s a table of approx prices for 30mm tube / 11mm dovetail mounts from PyramidAir:

    1-pc 2-pc
    Leapers N/A $10
    Beeman $91 $69
    B-Square $55 $25 / $33
    Accushot $14 N/A

    What makes the Beeman 1-pc over 6 times more expensive then the Accushot version for example?

    I’m new to the forum and putting together a Talon SS. Thanks for any comments in advance.


    I use the Accushot rings and think they are great. Very nice and good quality. I buy them first and have not had to buy anything else.


    LostSailor; To answer your question:

    – Tolerances used in manufacture
    – Materials used
    – Complexity of manufacture
    – Country of manufacture
    – Company reputation

    Anyone think of anything else? AKULA



    You forgot slave child labor. That always helps in the price point 😆


    Based on these two comments I think I get it.
    If I buy more expensive mounts I may get:

    – Tolerances beyond what are required
    – Expensive materials that likely add little functionality
    – An overly complex design

    But… the inexpensive Accushot mount works fine.
    I think my mount set may look alot like Adam’s but perhaps a bit higher.


    Adam; In the world of political correctness, I mentioned “country of origin”. But you’re right on the money. BUY AMERICAN!

    Disclaimer: For those not living in America, BUY AMERICAN made products! Your economy’s depend on ours more than you want to admit. AKULA


    LostSailor; Scope mounts are designed to mount the optics so they don’t move once adjusted. The higher the tolerances and the beefier the rig, the better to absorb the rigors of shooting. Remember you’re shooting an air rifle with virtually no recoil. Hence, a lighter mounting system that holds the scope in place will most likely suit you needs.

    Then again, if you pack the rifle in a scabbard for horseback use or the gun to attack bears or Russian Boar after your single shot, a heavier scope mount may be in order. AKULA


    Point taken on rigidity / tolerance vs recoil, thanks.

    On the subject of country of manufacture – Are Leapers, Beeman, B-Square, or Accushot manufacturing mounts in the US? I’m a bit new to airguns, but I had the impression that most of the gear was manufactured overseas.


    LostSailor; I wish I had an answer for you. I use Luepold scopes and it is my understanding these are manufacured in the USA but I can’t speak for their accessories. As for other sellers….I’m betting on their being outsourced overseas. I hope I’m wrong. AKULA

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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