Scope rail misalignment

What can be done about a slight scope rail misalignment? I noticed last night when I put the tri rail on my condor that the rails are heading ever so slighly to the left of the barrel. Then noticed the same thing without the tri rail useing a one peice mount. Remember reading here something on the subject but can’t now find it. This will be a significant problem when trying to stay on target rt & lf at various ranges ?

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Haven’t had time or weather to play with yet. Brian

brian just wonder if you got your tail misalinement fixed? ———————-kingpin

Here is one way…


Although that is for parallel misalignment… 😯

I got a similar problem with the tri-rail. Mine is kind of twisted (I guess it’s not even original from AF… may be a chinese copy).

Since I’m from Brazil, paying to send and bring it back will be a little expensive, but if you’re in the US, contact AF (if you’re sure it’s a problem with the frame, not with the rings). You have the right to do it!

In my case, I try to predict all the bad things may happen to me… so I ordered with the gun a set of adjustable rings. If you don’t want to send your gun, it may be a good solution (you will be able to adjust for elevation too).

have you tried flipping the scope mounts around?

The rail can be shimmed–i used aluminum pie plate pieces for the tri rail. I had the tri rail replaced and still a tri rail problem. No problem without the trirail.

dont be afraid to send in your rifle! you purchased what you thought was a good rifle not defective. i had to send mine back for that dreaded air force safety that fired upon release. cost me shipping one way. but i did recieve the rifle back in a timely fashion. kingpin

Got a point Shadoe,I better acually try it at various disstances before I cause any more trouble.

got any pics?

Hey, they didnt hate taking your money.

Yea,but I’d hate to do that to em.

If it is indeed a poorly machined scope rail then it is a warranty manufacturers defect. Start a discussion with Airforce and get a replacement frame.
Forget shimming you will want a real fix once and for all.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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