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    I am super excited to say that sometime Monday or perhaps even tomorrow I will recieve from P.A. my 1st Samutra in .25 caliber. This looks like a fun gun forsure, and contrary to popular opinion I find it to be quite pleasing to the eye. So far I bought Donnie FLs Sumo and an adapter to mount it. Noise isnt a big deal to me but hey, if we can make it quieter why not? I went carbine for Hunting, the weight and length being much friendlier. With that optics became a bit of a question, I want to stay light so I picked up both a Hawke 3moa red dot and what I find to be a very intriguing little scope.. basically a Bug Buster but with the features I been wanting from UTG but haven’t seen on the Bug..


    I have slowed down shooting some as I’ve been forced to spend even more time at this job or mine lol. I will likely sell my .25 Vulcan Tuned by Earnest Rowe along with my Air Arms S510 TDR in .177, there is also an extra 1980 Sheridan Blue Streak .20 collecting dust. I dont know but if this gun is anything like what I’m anticipating It will be my go to.

    Any thoughts or tips appreciated!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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