RWS+grackle= FUN

Was out sighting in the Condor today. Got the new chrony up and running. All and all everything was going really well. Yesterday, my wife had mentioned that we have robins nesting in the tree next to the house and, after a closer look, the nest seems to have two to three little ones in it. The question I have is: will grackles eat baby birds? There seemed to be a lot more of them in the tree in question than usual. Make a long story short, dug out the RWS 54 in .177 and had a really fun Sunday. She is very constant: shot after shot going in to one hole at 10-20-30 yards. Been shooting golf balls at 50+. Longest shot of the day was 45 yards off a sand bag rest.

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The fun thing about grackles is that when you knock the first one down, you better have a handful of pellets handy. Seems like those in the neighborhood know when one of their buddies is down and come racing to see what happened. After killing the first one, I’ve shot upwards of 8-9 others who can’t mind their own business and have to come see what happened….. 😆 😆

Great job man!! I have personally seen Grackles Attacking young feathered birds. They are predators, and behave very similar to Crows. In most states if they are causing any damage to property they can be legally harvested. My cousin’s farm is covered with Grackles, and I enjoy myself shooting till my heart’s content. 😀

Nice job, but wasnt Lizzy jealous?

Gotta be careful shooting golf balls, sometimes they shoot back. 😯

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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