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    ok Dyotat, i see your next project looming on the horizon 😀 .


    IIRC McMike disappeared shortly after developing an in tank regulator for the airforce line…


    If I took these drawings to an engineering firm could they make sense and make it? Also how would u beable to adjust the out put pressure? Could it also be able to cope with 4500psi on in put side?


    the more i look at this, i think it would make an interesting combo w/ a TTTA. you could then do away w/ the check ball.


    Not to presume to know jack sh*t about anything but it would seem like there are at the very least several thousands of dollars worth of R&D and many many many many hours of testing and tweaking left on this concept.

    There are a *lot* of assumptions made here that would need to be true/falsed, not to mention the thing would take some serious CNC work to put together at the tolerances required.

    I would LOVE to see someone take the plunge and build v1, but I bet it would take LOTS of cash and time to push through to a usable (and cost-effective) end product.

    (People sitting on this kind of CNC hardware usually don’t have the time, people with the time don’t have the access to the CNC hardware, etc, etc.)

    Given that regs are already out there, the question is, would this thing provide more value than the cost of its development?

    I only say this from my own experience: a (very) lovely CAD alone does not a working prototype make.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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