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I am having trouble locating rubber\neoporene washers locally. Are they any large parts warehouses etc you could suggest ?

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1″ tube 1/16″ wall. Ace, TrueValue, Home Depot, Lowe’s etc

How about a common source for one inch O.D.—7/8 I.D. aluminum tubing?

Yup when I bought the pvc pipe, washers and scotch-brite the guy asked me what I was working on….if he only knew 😈

I bought ACE out of stock 3 times already. The guy looks at me funny when I bring weird bags of parts to the counter now.

I can see his wheels turning, hes probably asking himself “what the hell do you do with 25 rubber washers and 5 grub screws?

Ace is the place.

I had tried Lowes, Home Depot and Wally World with no luck however I was able to find them at Ace. Thank for the suggestions.

Or go to a shoe/boot repair shop and ask if they have any scrap rubber. I always did.

Like everybody else said, Ace Hardware is your place.

Look for the box labeled “Fender washers” with a sidenote saying they are made of neoprene. I found mine just under a box labeled “Neoprene washers”, which were all too large for the intended task, go figure. 🙄

Ace will also have a large selection of O-rings if you need them.

as said, lowes, ace hardware, etc. check out the plumbing section where they keep parts for fixing faucets and such. I use 7/8od nylon faucet washers (had 1″ same deisgn in my ss before I got the frame extension) that happened to be beveled on one side; faced the bevel toward the muzzle to help direct air away from the bore of the shroud. Think they were 30-40 cents apice or so. The ones I got had a 3/16 hole but drilled out very cleanly with a sharp 5/16 bit.

buy rubber gasket material and cut out your ‘washers’
’tis how I would do it.

I was looking for something to use in between the metal fender washer and my other shroud material. So something with a 1″ OD and a 3/16 internal hole.

What size and thickness are you looking for? Ace hardware usually has a lot of stuff like that you can not find easily elsewhere.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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