Rifle Rest suggestions???

I’ve got a Leapers 4-16×50 AO scope with sunshade, a lamp, tri-rail, and laser mounted on a Talon SS with the 18″ barrel. Will soon add the Frame-Extender….when it arrives.

As all of us already know, this makes for a pretty “top heavy” rifle. As I’ve painfully learned, my conventional rifle rest does not hold my SS very securely. It also makes sighting in my scope more of a chore than it should be.

What do you guys use?


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Thanks Jim. May have to look into that.

Here’s something some of you long-range rifle shooters might like. For a highly adjustable Rifle Rest for long range shooting: car scissor-jack, with again, a guitar-hanger hook, mounted on its base. Really works well for Prairie Dogs, and/or bench use.


That would come in handy for booth applications. Paper punching is one thing its good to learn to shoot off hand as well or at least with a bi-pod. Although half my live kills are done rested window sill, bi pod, door jamb.

I am thinking of getting this…


Link won’t link… Crappy website.

Here is the name…

Hyskore Parallax Rifle Sighting Rest and Cleaning Vise


Should be around $70, from midwayusa.com


Thanks for trying guys. Guess I’ll stick with what I’ve got. I have a camera tripod, with a guitar-hanger device as its base. I was just trying to find something that would hold the SS tank securely, so as to make accurate scope adjustments. I’ve just not been able to immobilize it as much as I would like.

Thanks! 😀

As Akula said there is nothing compared to praciting and learning the characteristics of your rifle….

Here in a very inexpensive but decent rifle rest…..


Shaky; I suggest…practice, practice, practice. Not to be trite but there is no substitute.

Sand bags or other systems to stabilize the gun are great but in the field or true competition your skill with the rifle make the difference. Have fun with it! As in all things worth doing, there are no short cuts.

If I’ve missed the mark in answering your question, my appologies. AKULA

Well if I had to use something very secure I would get the Lead Sled. But In the field or at home I use a sturdy camera tripod with a shooting stick V bolted on to it. I can sight in seated in a chair or while standing.

BTW I get the tripods at thrift stores…great deals

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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