Review on the ZOS 10-40x60mm

This is going to be an ongoing report as it is going to take some time to get all the players together and come up with some kind rating system but….

So far this ZOS is kicking ass! it was close to the $800 Nikko 10-50×60 and it appears initially as bright and clear as the Bushnell Elite 4200 I just got in the mail today!!!!

Nikko vs. ZOS…I looked accross the room at 10 yards with the scopes setting on the counter so they would be stable as I looked at a magazine to see if I could read it…60 watt bulb on 10 feet away from the DVD and 1 4 tube kitchen light on in the room with the scope and it was night time so there was some light but it was far from daylight or really well lit.

Nikko – 50 power, focus the AO and it is a little dim but super clear and in perfect crisp focus! I can read the text with no problems at all. I tried looking to the edge of the scope and it looked nice and clear to me. The NATO reticle is very crisp and very dark and very, very easy to precisly see where I am aiming at.

ZOS – 40 power, focus the AO and it is also a little dim similar to the Nikko BUT I can’t really read the text clearly even when messing with the rear eye focus thing. The mildot reticle is also ghosting and not in focus. I can get the ret or the target in focus but not both at the same time. I fiddle with it for about 2-3 minutes and decide I need to mess with the sdjustments in the daylight…

So far without adjusting the ZOS the Nikko was clearly the winner but maybe with some tweaking and adjusting the ZOS might focus both the reticle and the target?


Got the Bushnell in today and wanted to see how it looked into the very dim front room at 12 yards… no light in the front room, 4 bulbs in the kitchen. I can see OK with the naked eye but not good into the room.

Bushnell Elite 4200 8-32×40 w/mildot…you need to line your eye up just right to see through it! I cupped my hand to help keep my head/eye in the same place as I kept losing the sight picture at 32 power. The mildots kind of refect a little and I can make out stuff in the front room well enough I could make a precision shot at a very small target eye etc. it is VERY dim site picture but I can see the reticle and the target in good focus.

ZOS @ 32 power…not nearly as critical where my head/eye is at but I note this and use my hand the same to both block the overhead light and to steady the scope. Except for a larger field of view it looks NO dimmer than the 4200 at the same power! the mildots are in very decent focus possibly even crisp but the ZOS has an illuminated reticle which would make aiming a piece of cake at the same eye size target.

More to come…I need to mount both on guns and look outside in the daylight at other distances. I’m also going to try the “square test” where you turn the knobs one turn each up, over, down, over shooting at each step and your supposed to be at the same POI as you started. I’ll put the Gen2 Night vision behind each and see how they fare for night vision also.

I have a couple other scoped to compare them too but that will be coming later.

So far for the $270 I paid for it I’m flipping impressed!



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Here it is on my Talon…flipping sweet scope. I adjusted the focus down to 10 yards from your instructions Boondock. EASY to do and works like a charm on this one and the 10-40×50 I got from you a while ago.

Thanks for the thanks 😀 I tried to do some more testing tonight but I’m having some SERIOUS clipping issues with both the Talon and my Daystate 🙁 so testing will have to wait till this weekend when I have more time and patience…

I sent the 4200 back and have ordered another Nikko 10-50×60 cause I really miss that scope…I’m the ONLY one I know of that was not impressed with the 4200 😕 I guess everyone is different and I’m the .001% that just didn’t like the 4200.


sounds good… any pic?

big ZOS focus from 15m and big Nikko is from 10m out of box. but big ZOS can be adjusted to focus from 10m even 8m in 1 mins without tool. 60mm lens allow more light come thru the tube. result with better clarity and rangefinding than 50mm model.

I supply ZOS 10-40X60. $250 incl shipping ( delivered to your door worldwide )

So who carries ZOS, and where is it made?

Thanks for athe review!

nice review dude !

but the 4200 is doing what the zos does only smaller and lighter right ?

i got the 4200 6-24×40 as a birthday present….and im impressed, compared to the rex 6-25×56 its much lighter, smaller, and much much clearer…but i dont like the reflective reticle the 4200 has …if light come in form the rear(sun in your face) the croshairs turns copper colored, but not a uniform color, so it can sort of camoflage it self if looking at a treetrunk with vertical lines, and sort of the same shade just in brown

i tested 3 scopes tasco varmint 2.5-10×42, bushy legend, and 4200….in daylight all most the same, varmint had a yeallow tint to it….at dusk the 4200 came into its own, with a really nice and clear picture, legend was not far behind…tasco was murky and hard to make out what i was aiming at….

with nightvision behind it…the 4200 was alot better than both legend and tasco…4200 the image produced was much lighter and much more detailed….the legend wasnt bad though, a bit darker but still clear….with the tasco it was hard to make out what i was aiming at, it was a much darker picture….

i replaced the tasco on my 410erb, with the legend…and only regret is that the legend only focus down to 10y at max zoom, which is bit much for when i shoot in the basement

still for the sub 100$ market i would go for the tasco, sub 200$ the legend, and if the legend was offered with high mag i would prolly had gone for that one too…but i just cant see the bullet holes from the my hmr with the legend…the 4200 has no such problem 😉

BlackOps we wanna hear more comparisons…

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