Restrictions in Illinois

Why should I have FOID card to buy airgun in IL ? 😯
I checked website our local airgun dealer and find out that those f…..n restriction only apply to residents of Chicago, which I’m not 👿
I live near Wisconsin border 👿
I checked every local governmental site and still found nothing 👿
Can you guys give me a hand on this issue ?
Thank you .

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Thank you , gentlemen, for quick response 8)
Unfortunately, I’m not a laywer, so, probably one day I’ll head to California 😆

I am familiar with the federal law that pre-empts all state laws regarding the sale of airguns, and agree that the Illinois law appears to be unconstitutional.
What we need is an Illinois resident, who is an airgunner and a lawyer,to challange it.
The influence that Chicago crime has on gun laws for the whole state is considerable, and unfortunate. VonBrink

A quote from Mr. Beeman supports our previous opinion:

“The key point here is that such laws usually are enforced as per their original intent. Sometimes an overzealous citizen or officer does go beyond the boundaries of being reasonable, so one should be aware of what the letter of the law does indeed say. I am not going to advocate violating some of these laws which were not meant to apply to adult airguns but do find out what the local law does say and how they have been applied. Generally persons can use these guns within their own home in an inoffensive, and certainly very safe manner, without a problem. The modern doctrine generally is that whatever adults do within the privacy of their own home, which does not affect the public health or welfare, and does not disturb others, is their own business!”

This issue is much like the military don’t ask, don’t tell policy. This unconstitutional law is designed to make some idiot happy!

With that said, we have customers order daily from the fine state of Illinois and we have yet to have an issue with any order shipped.

Unless you do something ignorant to draw attention to yourself, no one is going to hunt you down for owning an airgun.

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impactairgun.com (here in Minnesota)
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I recently read a US law that no state, city, county, not even the US Government, or the ATF may control an air gun as a fire arm. This is why it isn’t illegal to have a sound moderator on an air rifle. Perhaps air gunners in Ill. Should challenge the Ill. Law. As it appearers and may very well be an illegal law. Mike

Go to Robert beemans airgun restriction and airgun laws web site!!!
It has information you could use.

Illinois State law defines any airgun that shoots over 700fps and/or is larger than .177 caliber as a firearm requiring a Firearms Owner Identification (FOID) card issued by the state. I have a copy of the statute somewhere but it would take a while to find it. Airguns that shoot less than 700fps, or are .177 cal or less do not require a FOID. Local laws may vary on age etc., but shouldn’t involve the FOID card.
Don’t ask me why air powered paintball guns which are larger than .177 cal.
aren’t included. The law as written must have to do with the materiel that the projectile is made of also.
Another Illinois airgunner, VonBrink

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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