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    I’m considering buying a RAW Hm1000x in .30 for long range target shooting. I was reasonably certain until I ran across some posts (on another site) that questioned the performance and finish of even new RAW guns. It has given me reason to reconsider so I thought I would put this out there: does anyone have experience with the RAW .30, or even RAW in general, who can give their opinion? Are they not worth the large investment? Have you been satisfied (or not) with the performance of the gun and the responsiveness of the builders?

    Thanks for any input!


    It’s a bench gun Ranger. They are long and heavy. The two guys I know who own them both had their barrels cut down. Both are in .25 caliber and throw 31gr Kodiaks 950fps…accurately. Steve Shalley did a review of a .30 and .35 caliber RAW and it made me want one, but again, what would I do with it. Another one of my friends has one and he had problems with it. He calls it his “crapid”. He still owns it and is still dropping squirrels with it. It just had some teething problems. It was an older gun before the company changed hands. The FX Impact is short and light compared to the RAW. They are both making power and are accurate…they are also both very expensive at $2,000.

    That red laminated stock looks really good to me:

    There’s this video also:

    It would be nice if you could get your hands on one before buying. Again, in my opinion, its a bench gun. Tofaz4u has some older videos he did with his .25 cal Rapid. Do a youtube search for them.
    R, Steve
    We are so fortunate to have such great airguns and optics in this modern time. Lucky us!


    Theoben went bust in the UK, now they are trying their luck in the US

    now i have no clue if it was a management fuckup or something wrong with the products/service or both

    for benchrest it looks alright, it has the fx style magazine. Have you noticed most of the pictures are without magazines fitted


    oops wrong spot


    I’d look at the j├Ąger.30 from R&L. Much less expensive and more user adjustable :2cents:


    I have a RAW HM1000x .25 poly bbl on order. There is a 12 week wait for a RAW rifle. I have a few pcps, and springers. Being a hunter, and the opportunity came about, I took the plunge and ordered a RAW. It is the closest to custom I can get. AGEC has another video uploaded on the .25 cal RAW HM1000x that sold me.


    Hi Hot Brass,
    I hope you post about it here in this thread so that I will get notified when you get it and then start your own thread about it. WooHoo! Good for you.
    R, Steve


    I have recently got a RAW HM1000X .25 with polygonal barrel and it’s the most accurate gun out of the box. It is shooting the JSB King Heavy at 910fps (~62 ft/lb) with an extreme spread of 9fps. It is giving me 45 shots from ~225 bars to ~145 bars which is pretty efficient for it at this power level.

    It can be used for hunting but is a bit heavy. The new offset mod has reduced the length by 2 inches and is better at taming the noise.

    After a quick zero at 50 yards here are the first two 5 shot groups at 75 yards with slight breeze. Both are sub moa. The scale in the pics is in centimetres. Gun can shoot tighter groups if I do my part.

    Here’s the beauty

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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