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    What is the difference between the two other than price?



    Your question is too wide. They are very different animals in general and R3M is no longer produced.



    R3M bolt action multi shot bullpup. R5M forward cocking multi shot bullpup.



    Gotcha,edgun west web site didn’t specify.i would really be interested in a r3m.i like the bolt action set up.thanks for taking the time guys.might be looking for a used r3m in a while if there are any out there? Any body?



    I had the R3M .25 short. best fitting bullpup I’ve owned. Great trigger, laser accurate.



    I’ve got an R3M .25. If you find one of the early ones, make SURE the magazine cycling issue is not present. Several early versions had the magazines cycle such that they did not line up with the breech. It appeared the cocking plate was not correctly sized and one of the machinist fellows on this forum made/sold a replacement part which fixed the issue. I got one and it worked.

    You can see the magazine jump a bit if the alignment is off; the pellet’s head forces the magazine to line up as it enters the breech. This can damage the pellet’s head slightly and throw off accuracy. If everything is working correctly, they’re crazy accurate. Mine is a R3M long, more shots and fits my tall build better. Forward cocking guns are generally easier to use.



    Think there’s 2 Matadors for sale here on TAG ?

    – Greg

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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