"Hammer slap mod"??

Several times I’ve read about this, but have yet to find the details.

As near as I can gather, guys are putting a felt washer between the hammer and breech. How thick is it, and where do you get it?

I gather it takes some of the hammer energy out, MV goes down. I assume you just dial up a little more spring to compensate.

I’m thinking it might be the self adhesive pads you put under chair legs and the like?


Doug Owen

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Yeah, you lose a smidge, but not much. 15 to 20 fps, unless you squirt your whole tube of denture cream in there. That would be to much.

Does the hammer slap mod decrease the FPS due to dampening forces?

It shouldnt be if your breech if pulled up tight against the top hat. It always should be or it will affect your fps.

Couldn’t some of that “slap” be the breech smacking the top hat?

I put my breech in the lathe and turned a 1/16″ deep recess, 1/8″ wide in the back face of the breech and epoxied a 1/8″ diameter (material thickness) O ring. When it dried, I cut out the material that was blocking the notch. I’ve heard of others that cut an O ring in half and epoxied it to the face of the breech. I can’t remember if the idea was posted on here or the old TOG but it definately dampend the “slap” sound. I’m sure Tony does this mod if you don’t have the means to do it yourself. Happy Easter everyone.

Its not “floating”. Mine is attached to the breech with two tiny screws. I intended to try several different materials and then make a permenant one by gluing it to the breach face. You cant have it float because of the notch on the bottom that allows the hammer to re cock.

DK yes that would work fine.

Thanks for the information. If I follow you you’ve got a ‘rubber washer’ floating on the barrel between hammer and breech. The sort of rubber that you might cut from a bike innertube?

Doug Owen

It has been done many way. It can be done with any material that will reduce the noise of the two parts slamming into each other. You still want the transfer of energy though or you will lose power.

Some have used Orings cut into the face of the breach. Tony does this I believe. Ive also seen several other versions as well. I used a thin, flat rubber washer between the two. I got rid of most of the higher pitched sounds of the hammer strike and only lost maybe 20 fps.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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