Quieting your Talon SS – Examples

One of the first things people usually discover about their Talon SS is that it isnt quite as quiet as you’d hope…. But its easy to make it real quiet with simple off the shelf stuff you can pick up at any hardware store.

There are several different methods of baffling the frame so I figured I’d make a thread for people to show how they have done it.

Here’s mine

1″ Diameter washers with a 1/4″ hole, Fat 1″ diameter O-Rings and 1″ Diameter relativly thick wire springs.

I cut the spring I bought into two peices with a regular hacksaw and squared off the ends by holding the end flat with pliers and then applying heat from a blow torch followed by grinding. its important to square off the ends so that the washers are held perpendicular to the barrel so they dont mess with the pellets causing poor accuracy or worse, clipping.

I put the longer of the two springs in first followed by a washer, the second spring and that gives me my two big air chambers to take the initial blast, then I just alternate spring and rubber o-ring until I get to the end of the frame and inserting the end cap compresses the entire thing keeping it still.

This is how it is all inside the frame

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Here is another way of quieting down the Talon SS.

The parts are spring, scotch Brite Pad, a cone spacer I made, washers I made but you can use 1″ fender washers, pvc pipe cut to length and slit to allow for them to be compress and easily inserted. Make your chambers as you see fit. This give the gun a good muffled report that does not attract attention.

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