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Questions on New Talon SS

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    Nice forum you all have here. I recently purchased a new Talon SS from PA.

    I am putting it threw its paces over the chrono and trying different pellets to see what is most accurate.

    The pellet that I use in my Marauder is this one and seems to work fairly well out to 30 yards in the Talon SS:
    * JSB Diabolo Exact Heavy .177 Cal, 10.34 Grains, Domed, 500ct, 4.52 mm

    It seems most accurate around 850 fps. Once I push it to 900 fps, it seems I see some flyers.

    What experience have you all had with the Talon SS as far as pellet types and FPS?

    Thank you and Best Regards,
    Frodo9mm (Fletch)


    My power wheel is on 1, and I read on the Airforce->Talon->Troubleshooting page this:

    “Are you shooting the gun with the power adjuster below the number 3 (or above the number 11 for the Talon SS, only?) At these settings, the velocity will vary more-especially if the air tank is low. Above setting 11 on a Talon SS, the excess air leaving the muzzle will slow the pellet.”

    Also this in the manual:

    “Talon and Talon SS:
    * Numbers 3 and 4 on the power scale give a good target shooting velocity.
    * Number 6 is a great spot for general shooting.
    * Number 9 or 10 is about as high as the SS will go and still produce many shots.
    * Above 10, air is wasted.
    Either rifle fitted with an optional 24-inch barrel may be adjusted up as far as the indicator will go”

    …So, I will run my Talon SS through its paces on other power-well settings, like 3, 6, 7 and 9, and from 3000psi down to 2000 psi.

    Also, will try a lighter JSB Match 8.3 pellet and see what the chrono numbers are …

    Since the power wheel does not have that much overall range in FPS from 1 to 12, I just left it on 1.

    But now that I think of it, the spring and hammer probably work consistently by design with load on it. I know on other guns, like my marauders, the spring and hammer selection is one easy way to tune it.

    Lots of fun. Please feel free to share you thoughts on your similar experiences on this.

    Best Regards,


    So, yesterday I was shooting the TalonSS and preparing to run some numbers with the Chrono, when I noticed that set screws on the top hat were loose, and it had rotated all the way down until I could see threads showing:

    I plan to research where it should be adjusted to this week.

    Here is a post on PA’s website I found…

    Here is another:

    I will just call Airforce Tech Support to get the OOB Factory Setting…

    If anyone has an idea on this, please let me know.

    Thank you,


    If you get the factory specifications PLEASE post them. My tank dumped yesterday, slowish leak out of the top of the tophat :sadn: try to fix and then break out the hand pump

    quote Chief Ricci:

    If you get the factory specifications PLEASE post them. My tank dumped yesterday, slowish leak out of the top of the tophat :sadn: try to fix and then break out the hand pump

    Chief Ricci –

    As close I can see, .070 is the clearance between the top hat and valve. This is what I went with and it worked fairly well.

    Best Regards,


    Adjust: cock then adjust top hat until no play when breach is closed. If you get it any tighter you can dump Air when closing breach. Any looser can cause other issues. Directly from Air Force
    New to Air Force SS
    I’m really liking it 😊

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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