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Question On Regulator Testing Video I Watched

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    I’ve been trying to educate myself on selecting and buying a regulator for my Talon SS in .22 cal. There is certainly a lot of things to consider. I watched one seller testing his regulator with what looked like a AF Condor which he charges it to approx. 3650 psi to start with the shot string ending at about 1900 psi. . My question is since the regulator is controlling the pressure at the valve? are you able to charge the tank to a higher start pressure. In other words is there an amount of over build into these tanks that allows you to charge higher with regulator use. If so what would you consider an reasonable amount of air to put into a 3000 psi rated tank.


    All tanks have SOME amount of “safety zone” beyond the rated pressure stamped on the tank. If not, people would be exploding tanks all the time. Whether or not you are running a regulator does not change the burst pressure of the actual tank ( other/ more educated members please chine in if I’m wrong )!
    I personally would not recommend charging a factory Air Force tank to 3650 psi on a regular basis.
    That’s a pretty good sized hand grenade that you’re resting your face on!
    Wildfire :5:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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