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I heard you can’t use regular scopes on air rifles, due to the double recoil. But most PCP’s are advertised as recoil free, so would it be safe to assume that I can use any scope I want on a pcp?


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I think that the biggest mistake that I made when I bought my scope was to have bought a duplex rather than a mil dot. The scope mounts so high above the bore on my SS that at close range, 12 to 20 feet, the pellet strike is 2 to 3 inches low! Oopps! With a mil dot, you can count the dots to get the correct hold over, but with a duplex, all you can do is estimate; which is a fancy name for guess.

The one scope that has caught my attention for close range work is the Bug Buster fixed 4x. It is an Adjustable Objective type scope but it adjusts down to 3 yards, that’s 9 feet! This may sound close, but that is the distance that I find myself eliminating rats, (filthy buggers).

Someone told me basically the same thing about the mil dot scopes but not in these terms. They just said, “the airgunners are using mil dot scopes”. I went with a duplex because of my experience with firearms. Again, oopps. I hope that this helps you.

Get a scope with AO (adjustable objective) this will allow you to focus down close and use your setup as a range finder as well, Leapers, Center point some of the other brands have AO on some of their scope models. Best bet would be if you got one with it on the side vs. on the front lense. Side wheel will cost more, convienance thing, if i had it to do over again i’d get a leapers or Center point with the side wheel. Alot of scope options for the money with the two named brands, i would say at the cost of clarity. My leapers is no Bushnell, or viper but i only spent $100 vs. $400, comes down to how much your going to alocate to your sighting system, and what you want from it.

just look at what that parallax is set on. most firearm scopes are set at 50 yards and up, so just like it’s been said, look for one that can adjust down to 10-15 yards.

Just remember that with an airgun, you will need a scope that can focus very close…most ‘typical’ rifle scopes do not focus close enough for airgun use. This is why we look for scopes that can focus down to 10 yards.

Sounds good, thanks for helping a newby out. 😉

yep 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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