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So, I went through on the local sales over at the sporting goods store not too far from my home.. They had a door buster deal going on, and I picked up a crossman quest 1000 (1000fps) for a whopping $69.99, the price was actually 79.99, but I had a 10$ gift card.. I was basically looking for somthing for my wife to shoot..

Anyone have one?
Like it?

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Walter has you covered here…..nothing really to add.

The crack is the gun burning off excess oils. Run some heavier pellets through it and it should go away fast… you can do the same thing with using any pellet, just might take more.

Your wise to wait until break in (can be up to a couple thousand shots on some guns) to get serious on sighting it in.

When you are ready for a scope and mount, be sure to get a quality mount and decent scope and you’ll not begrudge the extra coin you put in. Cheap scope and mounts (cheaply made…not necessarily inexpensive) on a springer makes for a bad impression.

Congrats on the nice find!

Its really really tight on trying the break the barrel.. I was suprised by the inital crack that this thing fires off. Very Very loud. Excessivly loud. I havent botherd siting it in yet, not until I run a hundred rounds through it or so.. Power wise, it seems to thwack with authority. I like the stock, and its light.. No regrets as of yet.

They are a great gun esp for that price.
You may need to tinker a bit to get the best out of it.
Start with a trigger insert to get a good safe and repeatable two stage
tear down and do a cleanup, moly behind seal and a tar job on the spring.

If you want to keep going then work over the pivot to make sure it is latching solid.
Next thing would be to reinforce the roller track int he wood stock. Just watch it there and may or may not last. I used a piece of 1/4″ keystock inlet and epoxied in place.
If you have any questions fire away 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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