pyramid pissin me off

i don’t know if am being irrational but i ordered pellets, 12 tins of kodaks, the 14th and they still have not shipped from pyramid. i called and they have 512 tins in stock but they said they were busy. i live in ohio and was hoping that i would have them by the weekend but that will not happen. if they are that busy why don’t they hire more people? makes sence to me! heck i could have had them shiped across usa by now.

now i feel a little better thanks for listening

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I take back everything I said earlier,kodiaks supposed to be here next tueday,got em’ this morning goin huntin tommorow!Sorry Pa ๐Ÿ˜ณ you rock ๐Ÿ˜‰

But if you ship 500 orders per day, some things are going to go on backorder from time to time. They could, of course, increase their stock levels, put say $100,000 in JSBs in on the shelf, to make that a smaller problem but they’d have to charge more…….

I too got two orders cancelled for .22 JSBs. One they cancelled outright, the other they wanted me to call to see if I wanted the other stuff (I didn’t). Then a week or two later the same $13 500 count tins are back on the site (after I was told otherwise….). I reordered them and just got my order. First rate packing, BTW.

IMO part of the price you pay. No fair to go to Walmart then gripe about all the cheap Chinese stuff there…….

Doug Owen

quote SteveinLA:

… She has told me that they ship something like 500 norders per day! Crike, that’s a lot of shipping!…

That is quite a large number of orders… but come’on. That’s no reason to take so long shipping such small orders.

I used to work the shipping department at a gas vent pipe factory. From 4 to 7 of us employees would get out several hundred orders in a 12 hour period. We gathered orders from a 30,000 sq. ft. warhouse and orders ranged in size from 1/2 pallet to about 40 full pallets stacked over 7 ft high. Boxes ranged in size from a few ounces to 100 lbs. We had deadlines to meet. They could do better if they wanted to.

Personally, I’m fed up with the way Pyramyd’s supplies are repeatedly backordered.

Only problem I have is FedEx. I pay the 5.00 fex-says delivery sat. Sat arrives, Site says tuesday, or wed. What did I pay express for?Not Pyramyds fault. They shipped on time!

By the way. PA makes it sound like your talking about Pomona AirGuns. At least use Py for Pyramyd. I’m easily confused! Lol!!!

Poor Sharon, sheโ€™ll become the sole point of contact for everyone from TAG ๐Ÿ˜†

Didn’t have anymore money left in my “fun” account. =D

quote Animal Mother:

I never had a problem with PA… yet. I placed an order with them yesterday for 5 tins of predators and a new scope, and it says it shipped on their website. Edit: forgot to add I didn’t give them the $5 bribe.

You need to maximize your $$$. Don’t forget to buy in multiples of 4 (4th is always free) you paid for 4 and get 5; could have paid for 2 more and got another free.

I never had a problem with PA… yet. I placed an order with them yesterday for 5 tins of predators and a new scope, and it says it shipped on their website. Edit: forgot to add I didn’t give them the $5 bribe.

As you guys probably already know, PA has earned my busisness. I gave them enogh grief about my first few orders that I became friendly with their sales manager, Sharon, (etx 228). She has told me that they ship something like 500 norders per day! Crike, that’s a lot of shipping! I do usually plan ahead so I haven’t had this problem.

Just in case I haven’t angered you guys enough I’ll add the story that I got regarding JSB Exacts. I am told that JSB is a European manufacturer, and that they fill european orders first and american orders sometime later. That’s why our European brothers have no problem getting them. The good news is that Air Arms pellets are made in the same factory, on the same dies. They are cheaper and are usually in stock. I have some, but I don’t have enough experience with JSB’s to say one way or the other which is best, or if they are the same. So, there it is.

Oh ya, I also heard that the guy who called the customers with JSB’s on backorder, to offer them another choice, he was doing that out of the goodness of his heart, figuering that people might want a more expedient option. Also, they don’t bill you credit card until they ship as a courtesy to you, the customer. That way you don’t get charged interest or principle on merchandise that hasn’t shipped.

Tim at Mac-1 was having a sale that looked very good. You might want to give him a call. He is also a very reputable dealer that I have only heard good things about.

i came home today and was going to tell them to forget it and order for someone elce but they finally shiped it out. at this point i do not care if the price is a little higher, i do not mind paying for service. so next time it will be someone elce i will place an order with. what other vendors do you guy deal with, i have ordered for aoa and ss any others?

My most recent order was placed on a Monday. Order didn’t ship till Friday. This was a Chrony and enough tins to put me over $150 for the free shipping. Great prices, but yeah, they do seem a little lax on handling without the fiver bribe.

They do seem to take their time unless you give the 5bucks for “priority handling”. First time I ordered got my shipping notification in 3-4 days, received a couple days later. Second time I paid the five bucks (10% off coupon more than ofset the difference) ordered Thurs. in the AM, received my order Saturday.

Learned my lesson……plan ahead and save 5 bucks. If I need em quick I give the bribe. Personally, I think one business day should be plenty to process/ship ANY order (MidwayUSA is one of the best for this and it doesn’t take a bribe with them). But since we all know this is how their (pa’s) system works no sense griping. Order early or pay 5 bucks if you wait till last minute and don’t have any patience.

Happy shooting.

ordered 4 tins last sat. no kodiaks on sat for me either. (dollars off price) ๐Ÿ˜† ( new pellets for weekend) ๐Ÿ˜† take your pick ๐Ÿ‘ฟ using predators now, just annihalates everything! hope those ko’s have the distance! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thatโ€™s what the $5 bribe is all about. With out it theyโ€™ll ship in 4~5 business days. I know it sucks ๐Ÿ˜ก

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