http://www.pyramydair.com/blog/ I asked Tom a few questions and he’s doing a report.

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Amen brother!

Mike 17670

But, there is always a silver lining. I wouldn’t have learnt so much about pcp if I hadn’t bought a Condor that came with the CVS. It’s like getting thrown into the deep end learning to swim the first time.

😆 😆 Ain’t that the truth, necessity is the mother of invention. Its a good thing they’re such a easy platform to work from.

The issue is that Tom certainly knows a lot. I give him credit for that…. he is also very patient. He’ll write a good article on the history of an airgun and then you read the comments and you always have some dipshit asking ‘Will my Gamo super duper kill a T-rex at 50 yards if I use the new gold plated pellets that are packed in the butt plug container’ and he patiently answers.

Tom writes to a different audience. Typically the newbies, and tailors his articles to those people. There are a whole world of folks out there who go beyond the limits to push their guns to the extreme. I understand that Tom cannot write about such things without having a bunch of newbs screw up their guns. …so… as Bodi mentioned, Tom writes in generalities.

Nothing against Tom nor his Blog. I read it daily and look forward to it…. but as with any paid writer, I take his reviews with a grain of salt. He commented on the bluing of the new Patriots… ‘they’re BETTER than the old ones’ Bullshit. I saw a brand new, just opened out of the box Patriot while at Airguns of Arizona last weekend and it looked just about one step above a Chinese gun in finish. The barrel block had a good 1/16 inch of play side to side.

Tom said ” First of all, adjusting the top hat on any AirForce rifle is obsolete, as far as the factory is concerned. The power adjustment wheel made it unnecessary.” Yeah right 🙄

That power wheel is such a joke. Look at what Mac1 posted re. the Condor (before the new HF valve) :
“After attempting to tune the guns we discovered a gun that was at the mercy of the available pressure. At high pressures it can’t shoot hard and at 2000-2500 PSI it cannot be turned down. The manufacturer’s attempt to match the raw performance of the Korean rivals has left it with a fairly poorly thought out arrangement.” This is from the people that build the “USFT” that dominated last year’s World.

And us suckers that bought the “Most Powerful small bore AG” had to deal with that Crappy Valve Syndrom (CVS) for like eons. At least he is saying it’s ONE of the most powerful factory built AG this time.

I can see why TSS owners are happy campers because they didn’t have to deal with all the frustrations and the TSS is fundamentally a very accurate yet powerful and versatile package. It has all the pros of the Condor without the cons.

But, there is always a silver lining. I wouldn’t have learnt so much about pcp if I hadn’t bought a Condor that came with the CVS. It’s like getting thrown into the deep end learning to swim the first time. 😉

I got a kick out of the read as well. Sam, don’t open your tophat all the way. all your going to do is waste a bunch of air and drop your shot count to around 20 :?. The reason Condors in the days were sent back is because they had a spring in the valve which was way to heavy, funny Tom didn’t mention this 🙄 . Shoot over your chrony a few times you’ll get a feel for what your doing then. Write your numbers down. When you do adjust it for more consistency then you’ll have a reference. Tom is a generalist, that is he knows a little about all airguns. The problem is hes an authority on none.

Yep… because we all know Tom is THE authority on AF guns… 🙄

At lease in this report, he made mention that there are those who adjust the top hat successfully and gave props to those that mod their guns rather than to blast them. His first blog on the Condor ‘Abusing your Condor’ really got some folks riled up.

I have to laugh though at the statement he made on not even chronying the Condors after working there a couple months. Trust me… anyone who ever sent their Condor back to AF back when he worked there KNOWS he didnt use a chrony!!! I sent mine back twice and both times was told that my gauge on my pump was bad… never mind the fact that the gauge was accurate enough for my other guns. 🙄

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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