Who makes a good, high quality, dependable
pump? Is the Airforce one any good?


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quote Jeremiah 29:11:

We know have a Tippmann X7 paintball in the family.

Any suggestion on what hand pump might work with that?

you know a hill pump with a scuba as described above would work best. You are filling a bit bigger tank most likely.

We know have a Tippmann X7 paintball in the family.

Any suggestion on what hand pump might work with that?

About the only useful advice I can give if you go with a pump, eat your wheaties.

I am 5’10” and 220 pounds, so Im not a skinny fella. ‘

I have a cheapo AF pump, and have used it quite a lot the last few months.

I like to limit my shot count to around 30, that way the end pressure in my tank stays above 2000PSI. I can easily pump back to 2800PSI in one 5 minutes session.

I have found the most important thing is to allow the pump to fill on the upstroke for a full second. On the downstroke it really doesnt seem to matter as long as you complete the stroke. Once the air is forced into the tank, the valve closes back up pretty quickly. Holding down the pump for a full second like the instructions say justs wastes time in my experience.

Give it about 70 strokes, and check the shaft temperature near the bottom of the pump. If it is getting hotter than just warm, stop and let it cool.

I,m a new owner of a TalonSS,but will share my routine of filling ,that works for me. On my new empty tank,i filled it up to 1,800psi the first time,because i have been using the bulk tank for another gun all summer and the tank pressure is down to 1,800 psi. Then i used my hand pump to top off to 2,800. Now i have a full tank and i load my philips pellet holder with 16 kodiaks. So,now i have a full tank and 16 pellets. When i shoot all 16 pellets ,i know it is time to top off tank and refill my pellet holder and repeat this everytime. This way i don,t have to count my shots,when hunting and is much easier to fill tanks.
It would be nice if Talon would have designed a tank gauge into their tank on manufacture.

thanks matt, will have to check out salina next time we are there, we actually go there about once a month for a sams club trip lol


Wow! Great info matt! seems like a much more efficient way to fill tanks by using both a tank and a pump. I never would have thought of that!

quote artemes:

I live in the very center of Kansas, lol. no places to fill a scuba around here, thats why i have interest in a pump or running on nitrogen, i have access to 4500psi nitro from paintball stores. So to get full power a pump is a good option for me 🙂


Just so you know nitro is not really any different from compressed air. I am a paintballer coming over to airguns and so I have spent some time reading up on this. The two gasses are very comparable. In fact at higher compressions (like you get at a paintball store or dive shop) compressed air is mostly nitrogen. Both gasses will shoot the same out of your gun.

Also filling from two or more tanks in a series (starting from lowest pressure going up) is a choice way to get your gun up to pressure without having to refill your tanks as often. You basically rotate them as the pressure goes down in the top tanks. This way you get more air into the volume of the tank and then deplete the pressure in the top tank at a much slower rate.

For about the same money as several tanks you could get one tank and a good pump. This way you could fill for volume with the scuba and get up to pressure with the pump. When it gets to be too much work to fill to pressure with the pump it is time to get a new fill on your tank.

Starting with info on what pressure your local store can fill to and what it will cost per fill on a scuba would be good. If you are near Salina there is a great hydro place that may be able to come up with a good deal on a scuba for you. I miss KS just moved from Manhattan this summer.

Air and Fire I think it is. A fire hydrant testing place that test and fills paintball stuff too.

Wow, very interesting to hear about this. I was just interested to hear what the advantages/disadvantages to using a pump. The tanks work well IMO, but they do weigh alot to lug around. I think my tanks are just over 3000psi. With my 72ci tank I can get around 20 decent fills. I may get a pump someday, but since I got the tanks at such a great deal I dont really worry about it.

I know only chumps pump 😆 but I have been using mine for the last couple weeks and it works GREAT for testing shots from X,XXX psi/BAR.

I’m curious and need to look up what kind of maintenance I need to do to the pump? I’ve had it for like 5+ years but barely ever used it.

They are good exercise for sure. Follow Cygnus’s tips though.


if you get a 3000 psi tank…you wont even get one true 3000 psi fill of your rifle, as the pressure drops below 3000 from the second you open the valve….

ok alot of rifles work best from around 2800-2700 psi….which means you will get a few good fills of a regular cheap dive bottle

to get a tank thats really worth it one have to get a fiber tank 4500 psi if you want it small and light….

i got a 130cf 3500 psi tank steel tank its huge, heavy like hell, but holds a good amount of fills….when this one starts to dip below 3000 psi…i still use it to fill the rifles as much as it can…and then top off from my 108cf 4350 tank, this tank will give a shitload of fills, and the combo of these two tanks i can mod rifles for quite a while without running out of air.

but still a 300 bar tanks is quite an investment….even a 3500 psi tank is gonna cost you, both are bulky to drag around….filling tanks vary alot too…my local shop charges me 80 bucks a year for 2 free fills a day which is a really good deal….but without membership a fill range between 8 and 16$ which adds up throughout the life of the tank

i have used a pump for years….the axsor pump…and i used that allmost daily for about 5 years before finally an oring aournd the main piston needed replacement…i found one easy in something simelar to homedepot….and it was up and running again

i think the pump is great for the most…only time when it really sucks is filling the bottle from empty…this takes about 400-450 strokes….and the pump will need cool down after the first 100 pumps and then after about 50 pumps to prevent overheating and melting seals so it takes quite a bit of time….but for normal every day shooting….30 to 50 shots….requires about 50 pumps which takes about 2 minutes…and once you have cought your breath again your ready to go, for just about any person with normal health this should be no problem.

i dont know if the pumps still come with instructions….on how to actually use it….but i cant stress it enough….NEVER PUMP BY BENDING YOUR BACK (ok the first 5-10 pressurizing pumps are ok to do this) but once your actually filling the bottle and not just pressurizing the hoses….use your legs, keep back straight, bend your knees…..i partially blame my wrongfull use of the pump, for my backaches (which are severe)

a pump can also be very usefull if you have a scuba tank….when the tank runs low you just top off with the pump…this will save you some pumps

I have a Hill pump. Its well built and works great. If there ever is a problem I can rebuild it cheap with readily available rebuild kits. I went with the pump over tank because I really liked the idea of being able to go anywhere at any time and shoot my gun.

I may get a tank at some future date just for the fast refills but for now there really is no need for it. Besides, it gives me the chance to tinker and build an “auto pump” if I can find the parts I need and that is really what I like the most, the tinker part.

I live in the very center of Kansas, lol. no places to fill a scuba around here, thats why i have interest in a pump or running on nitrogen, i have access to 4500psi nitro from paintball stores. So to get full power a pump is a good option for me 🙂


In my area, you are required to have a dive license to get a scuba tank filled. At least thats what I am told. I don’t have one, and pumping my tank up from 2000psi takes all of 10-15 minutes. Plus, its good exercise!

Why do people buy the pumps for over 200 when you can easily get a used scuba tank for that? I was fortunate enough to get two used tanks for about 50 bucks looking around. Im not trying to sound like a dick about it, im just wondering because it seems like a tank would be worlds easier to use then having to pump up the tank yourself.

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