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What is the psi used per full, med, and low power shot using a condor? I ask just to compare co2, hpa, and compressed air (from a standard condor tank). I assume that those are in ascending order. Also with what mods to an hpa tank can be done for more adjustability for power? Lastly, how many shots per each, the co2 and compressed air (condor tank) i know pretty well, just unsure about hpa?

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I’ve read 20-25 good shots with a tuned condor, there is no really hi-med- low power, only Hi. The condor is tuned to be consistent, the PW can help this by aiding in the hammer springs preload. But power variations like the TSS is not possible. Even after a Talon valve is modded it looses all adjustability via the PW. It is then used to fine tune the springs load on the hammer.

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