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    The Air Arms has found its nitch dispatching critters along the more populated side of the property. Found a nutter all over my North facing bird feeders this morning. I watched as feast continued nervously head darting about. I took a final sip of coffee, chambered a 13gr JSB into the Air Arms S510 TDR as I gently slid the porch door open. I was greeted by a 30some degree stiff morning breeze that I was sure would only aid in masking my clumsy transition into an awkward version of the prone position. With the Athon already focused to the 25yds from a privious mission my eye focused on a completely impervious squirrel stuffing itself with an array of seeds and nuts. As my travel through the 1st stage of trigger pull drew to a close with my crosshair placed between the ear and eye my lungs emptied..heart between beats I broke sear and sent a 980fps lend encased grim reaper to take said nutter to the next stage of existence and add anothe lb or 2 to the freezer.

    I dig this gun. Squirrels and other invaders not so much.



    What a nice view FM. Nothing better than the sound of a pellet hitting it’s pry…..



    Good show, FM! Damn rodents are out to take over the planet. Annual count here ranges from 80-200, and they keep coming! :suprisedn:

    Lovely yellow, fall foliage, too. Looks like you might have a lot of Hickory trees out there.

    Gotta say my AA S510 FAC (.22) has been the best out-of-the-box shooter. It was my first pcp and was drilling stink bugs at 40 yds. To this day, no repairs or modifications needed. The only down side is no reg., so fills and usable air is limited: 180-150 bar. Out beyond 65-75 yds., the other air guns perform better. Squirrels are so twitchy, a 70+ yd. shot is sketchy anyway. My wife likes shooting it, too. We need to stick together out here, lest the squirrels leave nothing but bones and belt buckles.



    I rarely get a hold of any departed pests because the owls, hawks, and a small falcon we have know to come a flying when they hear that airgun go off. :biggrinn: Even the foxes and neighbors cat can’t compete with the big birds for a snack.

    Nice scenery. We had a grand fall.



    Wow Coda nice colors and view!



    Missouri is a little known secret (the southern Ozarks). Most folks hear only about the high H&H weather and crime in St. Louis and steer clear of the rest of the state. Now some “yahoo” went and put it in the top ten undiscovered places to live IN THE WORLD. :suprisedn: We hate them for that. :angrymob: Hopefully, most dismiss it. We don’t want any folks moving in and ruining it for us. 😛

    Strange that even most locals don’t know about the St. Louis weather basin in the curve of the Mississippi. A low elevation area St. Louis lives in with about a 50 miles radius that stays about 10 degrees warner and 20-30% more humid than the surrounding areas ( I call it the St. Louis cesspool). Where we camp is normally so pleasant in the summer compared to the St. Louis greater metro area.

    It is a paradise for outdoors sports like hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, hiking, and adventure touring on motorcycles and is virtually unspoiled. There are 100 state parks and many federal parks including millions of acres of the Mark Twain forest that are loaded with spring-fed rivers and streams. There are also a load of large Core Of Engineer federal lakes. Slowly, some folks are discovering it. We just don’t want too many. :8: Some of my relatives moved back from Evergreen CO as the Californians moved into the entire area and ruined a lot of it.



    Coda, you should have been a real estate developer, as you just advertised for the whole state. They’ll be flocking to Missouri by the thousands……………

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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