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    Hello all, I picked up a PP700 back in January, I think. Been really slow working on her. I didn’t do much, to be honest. She mostly sat on my bench in pieces. I finally got tired of looking at her like that, and said “Fuck it” and put her back together. It’s a Gen 2 PP700. Did very little to her:

    CF barrel shroud
    LDC adapter
    New loading gate w/a pellet groove
    HuMa Regulator
    Little bit of crown work
    El Cheapo red dot from Amazon. She doesn’t have any sights anymore

    Then I just put her back together with new o-rings and new, quality diving grease. I’m leak testing her now, hopefully I don’t have any leaks. I really want to shoot her again! I only put maybe 10 pellets through her before I disassembled her.

    I know, the reservoir isn’t fully threaded on in the first pic- I did that as a reminder to not get excited and fill her before I confirmed something from the HuMa instructions. You’ll see in the last pic that the reservoir is indeed threaded more fully, once I found out what I needed to know…



    Wicked bad leak… I’ll try to track it down in the morning… 😐



    I found the leak- it was between the regulator body and the rear end cap of the reservoir.

    I fixed the leak- Basically, I needed to add an o-ring under the reservoir mount… The part on the far right, NOT the o-ring…

    I tried it before, but I guess I used an o-ring that was too large. I couldn’t get the reservoir mount to fully seat, and therefore couldn’t get the reservoir to fully seat. So I left it out. I subsequently found a thinner o-ring and was able to tighten the reservoir mount down flush. I’m told this is both a common problem, and the fix for it. So if you pick one of these pistols up (which I suggest you do!!), take heed.

    Next issue was the reg. Nothing serious, but the directions from HuMa say to leave a slight gap between the end cap and the reservoir (i.e. leave it unthreaded a touch) to act as the reg vent. This was an exercise in frustration… So I just took a Dremel with a cut-off wheel and cut a groove in the threads, and just tightened the reservoir down on the end cap.

    NO LEAKS!! We’ll see how well the reg works, hopefully that groove I cut is enough for venting.



    I got my LDC in the mail today… Now it’s time for tuning!! I’ll keep y’all posted.



    I have got the newer version of it, the pp700-sa. That one comes with longer barrel.
    Had to turn the barrel clockwise in the action as it was clipping my hw100 mod, was thinking it is the adapter but no, just the barrel had to be adjusted. Easy.
    I have replaced the too short set screw on the trigger with a lot longer one, so no long pull needed and few other screws on it as they were too long and bottoming out in the action leaving a gap between the metal part of the handle and the action.

    Shoots great groups. Some put stocks on these and use as rifle so good shooters.
    Mine is tuned low power, high reg but restricted transferport. Very stable output never needed after market reg, it comes with a gauge removal tool and brown o rings. Got a full proper o rings from eBay but so far so good, not needed.

    If the place I bought it from sells a spare barrel, will shoot darts out of it -fun for the kids

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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