Power limiting consistently

I have been taking advise from many here about using shims behind the tophat to help keep the power level from going too high.
Blackops’ thread about doing this with his TalonSS is below. Much thanks to Blackops for this information leading me to try this out.

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Today I found a bunch of rubber washers, 1/2″OD x 1/4″ID at the hardware store, bought a couple.

Got home and measured thickness of them, ranged from 0.071-0.063″.

My tophat is set at the factory setting, 0.093″. I put the 0.071″ one on first, it just stretched over the tophat easily.

Filled to 2800PSI, cranked the PW up to max on the Condor, and clocked 15 JSB Jumbos at 925fps – 962fps. Fastest one was right in the middle of the string. Slowest was first shot.

Tried a kodiak, and it clocked 875. Pulled the thick washer out and put in the .063″ one, and clocked 15 kodiaks at 899-955. The first shot was the slowest one.

I shot 2 more JSB Jumbos with this washer at 981 and 987fps, 2 more kodiaks at 954 and 961fps.

Preliminary testing pretty damn good, 34 shots and the bottle was only down to 2100 PSI.

I be happy with it. I have never been able to keep pellets in this range even with careful PW adjustment.

So thanks to all who suggested it, you were onto a good thing!!


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Blackops, I havent noticed any blowby, but like you said mine is the newest valve.

The smallest o-rings in my picture are a bit thicker, but the “squish” factor will probably work well for heavier pellets. You might try them, I would bet the blowby wouldnt affect yhem as much.

RiffRaff you ROCK! thanks for testing out the Shims!

Did you ever notice the washer kind of cocked/blown out after a shot? my vlave is factory and some air shoots by the stem area. Yours is new so you might not be having many if any problems. It didn’t cause me any problems but my consistancy was worse than using the index card stock.

For Leel the rubber washer provides awsome conistancy for him but mine didn’t work as well yet…

I have a theory I am going to test out using a Condor or larger valve and shims to see how it does…I think it might be more efficient than the smaller talon valve??? I’ll test it out and post some results in a week or so.

Thanks BIG TIME for posting your results from the shims!!!

Woot 😀 Jim.

quote sacshooter:

This is a great post,

Thanks for sharing it. I need to get to the local hardware store before all the rubber washers are sold out due to talon owners. 😀

Heh-heh, you already too late if you live in my area. But I will let them go “fairly” cheap. j/k 🙂

I have found ACE and True Value both stock the exact same sets. Look for fender washers made of noeprene. You will find anything from very small to around 3″ diameter.

This is a great post,

Thanks for sharing it. I need to get to the local hardware store before all the rubber washers are sold out due to talon owners. 😀

I only fired 3 CP’s, the first 3 shots of the string on the upper left target.

The first shot went low, next 2 went where I wanted them. Velocity was 980+ for CPs.

Velocity ran around 960-980s for both JSBs, Kodiaks low 900s-925fps. I dont think the valve stayed open long enough for kodiaks, and definitely not long enough for Eun Jins, they clocked in the low 800s.
The Korean pellets have never shot well in my guy in any case, so I probably wont experiment with them much. They wont hit the same hole even at 10 yards.

Tophat was set to 0.093″ from the factory, I havent moved it at all.
The washer I use is 0.063″, which leaves 0.030″ gap between tophat and washer, which seems perfect for the JSBs in the 16 gr range.

I think a slightly wider gap is needed for Kodiaks and definitely wider for Eun Jins. Without the washer Eun Jins clock almost 1100 with the PW set to max.

Im going to sand a washer to try to get a thickness of 0.055-.050 and test the kodiaks with it.

How were the Cp’s doing at this power level? Thanks,,, Mike

I sure wish I had thought of this or seen this before buying. That and not that I know that one or two dealers sell a Condor-SS. Guess I am going to have to up the money for a Condor valve eventually!!!

More testing today. Snowing lightly, about 20°F. Started with 2800PSI and fired 30 shots at full power, PW=max. Ending pressure 2200PSI.

Shot 5 different pellets, Crosman Premiers, JSB Jumbo 15.8, JSB Predator 16.0, Kodiaks and Eun Jinx. Shot 3 of each at first, starting with the lightest and working up through the heaviest.

35 yards, POI pretty close with all pellets. Best consistency came with JSB Jumbo, POI did not change at all throughout shooting. Predators shoot great, but always give me a flyer or two.
Kodiak POI seems to shift a little, and Eun Jinx pellets just dont shoot well at all.

I marked the target with relevant information, but the stupid camera didnt do a good job again, LOL.

Nah the washers are neoprene rubber and seem to be very durable. I cant see any reason they wont last for a long time. They fit loose over the valve stem and are easy to pull back off, I dont have to remove the tophat to do it.

The JSBs are the 16gr (I think..) Jumbos. Second best shooting pellet for me, 3/8″ groups if I do my part at 35y.


The JSB Exact Jumbos arent very exact after all.

15.6-15.9 grains, most of them @ 15.8. I weighed 50 before I got bored. 🙄

seems to work fairly good, are the washers distorting and flatting out any?

what do the jumbos weigh in at and hoe do they shoot?

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