poi changing with full fill questions

Should a full fill to 3000psi change the good old poi?

I was shooting for groups @ 15 yards power wheel @ 2, gave her some air @ 2200psi and the poi dropped a little over 2″. the groups went from nice and tight 2 hollers to a big flappy 5 hole things, the pore wadcuttin copperheads I was running though were bouncing back at me instead of safely imbedding themselves in the tree as they were before the refill.

Is this a normal power curve thing?
could it be a bad valve thing?
or could it be a top hat thing?

any and all input on this one will be greatly appreciated, it’s got me some what baffled as well as pissed for f**kin up my cardboard like that

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Thanks for the repair job YN…

this is one of the first times i’ve turned it down like that, I usually hunt with it not plink, I have other toys I use for that plinking stuff, although it was nice to run a bunch through it with a soft report, and would like to do it more often.
the more I think about it, it seems like the valve and fill problem, just not as extreme as some are having.

quote :

I’m not sure running the powerwheel at 2 is enough juice for the Condor

Ya, I run her around 10 most of the time, but I was low on air when I started playing so I thought I’d see what would happen if I turned it down, cranked it down to 0.0 and she was doing fine for about 40 shots, rolled it up to 2, got 20 more shots.

(I fixed the quote – YN)

I’m not sure running the powerwheel at 2 is enough juice for the Condor…

Someone put forth the idea that with lower air pressure/low powerwheel setting on the 24″ barrel the pellet wouldn’t make it out of the barrel before the recoil took effect.

I only have a Talon SS so I have to stay between 5-10 to get a consistent group or power level.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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