POI change

Has anyone else noticed a point of impact
change when using a LDC?


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BO theres some good info over on airgun advice regarding the wolf…seems like SteveK finally figured out how to get this mega expensive rifle to actually shoot like its supposed to

funny with the SS i have been abusing my rifle for years…and its been a tackdriver for most even with crappy baffels and shit…my problems came down to crappy leapers optics

Wholly mother is this aggrevating! I have 2 guns that have on and off given me issues with this both not grouping too good then throwing a “flier” up to 4″ at 10 yards!!! I took all but the endcap off the SS and it will finally put several in the same home WOOT then a 1″ flier… much better than it was doing. I took the LDC off the daystate and it went from throwing a 6+” pattern! to literally puting CM’s, Kodiaks and Premiers in the same exact hole! THAT is the accuracy I knew the gun should be capable of but it just never measured up and just the last 2 days got REALLY bad. I kept thinking I just hadn’t found it’s favorite pellet yet.

Now to find the fix…


I finally found a way to eliminate this problem
completely. I just make the ports in the baffles
.6″ so that the pellet does not come very close
to the port edge. This made it not as effective
untill I increased the total volume to over
60 cubic inches. Now I have a very quiet Condor
with the same POI with or without the LDC installed.


Yes, even after switching them around or rearrangeing them the POI can be off by a click or two. Must have something to do with the air restriction, harmonics, various combinations are possible. I see it everytime, not much but enough i have to adjust by a click or two on elevation or horizontal planes. After that mine stays dead on till i mess with it again.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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