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    set up my talon ss with 22” brl to shoot some 40 yrd groups first 3 shots went in the same hole but the 4 hit high an to the right 5 low and to the left and kept chainging every shot after that ❓ i wasent holing the rifle it was on a gun vise and it didnt move at all when i moved the pw from 10 down to 7 it went away all shots very close to each other less than half an inch , i was shooting jsb hevies and the tank was at 3000 psi. does high fps cause that poi change or the tension of the hammer spring gets to inconsistent any ideas dont have a chrony so dont now how fast its shooting any ideas why this happens



    I know the .22 JBS like around the 900 ft/sec. speed ( like a lot of pellets btw )

    Ik think maybe they fly to fast.

    Cu e.


    were you hearing a loud crack when the wheel was up at 10?


    As your tank pressure was dropping from a 3000psi fill your velocity was rising.

    Once you get to 2800psi your rifle will become more consistent and accuracy will tighten up.


    i wasent hearing tha crack but i am at sea level so to break the speed of sound is much higher fps than normal

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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