piledrive pellets

Has any one tryed the .22 piledriver 30 grain solid pellets ?

just got some but havent tryed em out or tested for accuracy yet
tryed to look up some reviews but all i found was bitching about the 30grains pushing non FAC’s to above the 12ftlbs and no actual usefull info

from what i can work out they need to be spun fast and shot hard to get em to group

just wondering if anyone has gotten anywhere with em

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On a side note i’m going to be experimenting with the .22lr pulled lead. I’m pulling these by crushing the middle of the brass with needle nose pliers and wiggling the lead out. Sizing with my 12″ barrel, brech end in hopes of reducing some of the friction. I’ll post my results in terms of accuracy and velocity in the next day or so. I have 20 pulled and sized. I tried a couple of unsized ones yesterday and got a velocity of 822.5fps with a 36g hollow point. It hit accurately and did some exceptional penetration with major deformation. I wouldn’t want to shoot them exclusivly but for those odd occasions where a guy is going after larger game then say rabbit. It would be a good option if it proves out to be accurate. I’d say Kodiaks are by far the best pellets to shoot in our guns,both in terms of accuracy and there BC its a hard pellet/round to beat.

Most i have spoke with concerning these pellets is that they are to tight of a fit, dirty, and not worth ones time, or money. On top of being over priced, it is also said that the owner of the co., has personal issues with americans 😕 . This is a quote from another forum, Airgun Advice, where E-mouse whom is a ex co. rep has stated this as fact. Take that for whats its worth.
With that said i’d pull .22lr lead instead, they’re accurate, heavy and tight to fit, but are cheap and give the same results down range by all accounts. If pulled without damage to the round, i’ve found them to be accurate and hard hitting. I get 54fpe with my 18″ barrel, Blodnob valve and 36g .22lr lead. Sick expansion 5.5mm to start and over 8mm after hitting duct seal. Thats alot of expansion, and i don’t see that with Kodiaks or any other pellet i’ve tested. Its my thought that if the lead could be sized, that number would jump to near 60fpe. Why? there is alot of friction to over come due to the tight fit, i believe that a portion of energy is lost to overcome the restrictive fit.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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