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    I posted this on the Yellow today also. Just thought I would share in case anyone was interested in the new trigger system.


    I thought I wuld try and lighten my trigger just a bit on the Condor SS. I must say the trigger components are very well made with no rough edges and there wasn’t much to do to it except a little polishing. It did help as I was able to get it down from 3 1/2 lbs to 2 1/2 lbs. I am going to leave it at that. I also polished up the safety bar and added a little moly to all slidng surfaces and that helped a lot. It is now very easy to slide on and off and yet is still positive.
    I tried to shoot some 50 yard groups but it was too dang windy and then started raining on me again. Every time I set up my shooting bench this spring it seemes like it starts raining. and it has been windy too. The groups I did shoot went from 3/4″ to about 1 1/2″ all in a horizontal string.
    Also just got in and installed Adam’s Wokbut. Very nice.

    Here is a pic of the trigger components


    Some have had problems with this mod..others have not.

    Replace the 3 springs with weaker ones..they can be had from old ink pens..the kind you get for free at banks..and such.

    worked for to try


    Took my trigger a part a few times. The last time I read this post and took some molly’d to all the moving parts. Like said all the trigger parts were smooth and made very well. No need to smooth out no metal burs or sharp edges. Initially after I lubed the gun wouldn’t cock so I opened it again and moved stuff around without taking the pins out again. The gun started cocking and the trigger and safety were far smoother and the trigger is NICE. Thanks for the post!


    I have had a real hard cocking condition since I got my condor ss in june. It’s never had a pellet go down the barrel yet. I found some things wrong but I will start a new thread to keep from putting maybe some shadetree stuff in this one but I have repaired a lot of firearms.


    would these trigger components work in an old body?


    What are your (those that either own or have shot) thoughts on this new AF trigger? Again, would this new trigger fit in the old frame?


    Is the new trigger that much better? Anyone have both old and new to compare?


    Has anyone measured the stock Condor for trigger pull. Before and after any modification?? Is it possible to get a 1 pound trigger with a Condor?


    I always prefer to go to gunsmith if there is any problem in my gun. It is good to replace the trigger with new one for proper functioning of the gun.


    While ordering a few parts from AF, I asked if the new trigger fit the old frame and was told, “No it will not, it’s different.”, but there was no further explanation of “different”.

    Hope this answers yer question though.


    Thanks! It does! After getting my hands on a Condor SS, I can see why it wouldn’t fit- I compared it to a stock talon… utterly different pin configuration.


    This worked great, a lot smoother, awesome! I have never done trigger work before i think i did ok. The exploded view helped me get the concept



    I gave all the trigger parts a good clean, polish, and moly. The auto-safety toggle had to go. Referring to the first picture in this thread, I tested the trigger with and without the spring and pin pictured far left. It doesnt seem to make any difference to the gun. As a matter of interest, I added 2 hammer weights and set the PW to max. The trigger worked perfectly.

    What is the purpose of the removed components? No adverse effects so far, but I dont want to do any long term damage.



    The parts look good!


    Would some one please post some pictures and instructions on how to remove the trigger and parts fom the gun. I would love to do the spring mod but am afraid to start tearing into this this stone cold? Also, I am assuming this is the new 2 stage trigger that comes stock in the condor SS

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