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Ok so I’m looking into adapters to mount a new Harris, or Harris type bipod. I found a cheap 11mm to Weavers adapter that should fit on bottom rail of my gun, but many of the swivel studs have the Picatinny style. Will the Picatinny style swivel nut piece fit on the Weavers adapter? I’ve read conflicting stories of trying to put the two together, like one will work the other, but not the other way around, ect.

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quote Buba b:

It bugged the hell out of me too what the differance was …….slots damit LoL . Reference is the place for it 😀

Dont worrie Saugus18 …….hammer it tight if not……hehe 😀


It bugged the hell out of me too what the differance was …….slots damit LoL . Reference is the place for it 😀

Dont worrie Saugus18 …….hammer it tight if not……hehe 😀

Yes thanks buba, although you got me a bit worried now as I will be trying to attach a Picatinny part to a Weaver… my fingers will be crossed. I’m hoping I’ll still get a decent grab even if it’s not perfect.

Thanks Buba,

I always wondered what was up with them. Good info. I am going to place that in the Quick reference section.

The only difference between the Picatinny rail and the Weaver rail is the size of these slots, although many rail-grabber-mounted accessories can be used on either type of rail. Weaver rails have a slot width of .180″, but are not necessarily consistent in the spacing of slot centers. The Picatinny locking slot width is 0.206″(5.2324mm) and the spacing of slot centers is 0.394″(10.0076mm).[1] Because of this, Weaver devices will fit on Picatinny rails, but Picatinny devices will not always fit on Weaver rails.
………… wikipedia …… I got lazy 😀

Yeah I’ll have to wait and see how it looks/feels when I actually attach all this to the gun, I don’t think there will be a weight issue for me, but I’ll be a bit bugged if it looks funky/clunky.

But yeah, whenever you have the time, post those pix, would like to see your set up.


Yeah, I guess it will fit!!!! I have both adapters (or very close) and they worked fine.

BUT (as usual, nothing’s perfect…) IMHO this setup is way too heavy. The 11m rail is a little 3-rail brick with the weaver adapter… and the stud adapter I bought (looks very similar to the one you bought) is very heavy. Maybe you got better adapters, but I guess they’re all from cheap factories in China.

I didn’t like balance of the gun… so, I removed the adapters and did one myself.
Bought a cheap one piece scope mount, sawed the rings with a Dremel and drilled a hole to place a stud bolt and nut). It’s a lot lighter and looks better.

But it’s up to you… for me, it didn’t work very well…

I’m kind of busy these days, but if you’re interested, I may post some pics this weekend…

Thanks for replying Crimson, I never saw your reply before till now, or anybody’s. Since I never got a answer on this I went ahead and got this adapter for the gun rail. It was the last one… Link

And attach this swivel adapter to that in which the Harris style bipod attaches…

I’m just hoping the Picattinny stud adapter will attach to the 11mm to Weavers adapter. Guess I’ll know soon enough if they mate correctly when they come in.

There was a topic about it (I guess you wrote it, didn’t you?), but it vanished! I guess they restored an old backup to the new server and my answers went away with your question…

If your 11mm to weaver adapter is really a 11mm to weaver adapter, it will fit your gun. And if your swivel stud adapter is really weaver-style, it will fit the 11mm/weaver adapter. Gosh, I’ve never been so repetitive… 😯

There are conflicting stories because there are (well, not so) many adapters available… anyone could pick and mix different kinds.

Why don’t you post pics of links to the adapters you’re planning to use?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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