I’m new to the forums, and would like your opinions on what i can only assume is an unusual situation.

I finally got my Talon SS today (didn’t know about the $5 bribe thing from PyramidAir, so it took forever, naturally). I ordered a TSS with c02 adaptor and filled 12 oz tank, tri-rail, and AF bipod. I decided upon this setup for minimum noise and because I didn’t have enough money for a standard TSS plus a hand-pump. Also, there’s a place I can fill up c02 bottles (including the four I already have) about a five minute drive from my apartment.

I was pretty excited when I opened the package, of course. I checked the invoice first, and it listed the gun ($429.50), the filled 12 oz c02 tank ($0.00), the AF c02 adaptor ($0.00), the AF bipod ($66.45), and the tri-rail ($28.95). I was stuck with the free ground shipping because the filled c02 tank can’t be shipped by air. Total cost: $524.90.

When I opened the box, the c02 tank was right on top, then the bipod, and finally the black box containing the gun. The box with the gun contained one TSS, one tri-rail, one c02 adaptor, one instructional dvd, and………….. one AF high pressure air tank. I then double (and triple) checked my invoice, and the total price was still only $524.90.

Some quick math suggests that the price for the items I’ve recieved should be either $704.35 or $695.85, depending on whether i started with the standard TSS or the TSS with c02 adaptor and 12 oz tank.

I guess my main question is, does anyone know why PyramidAir would have decided to give me a $170 air tank for free? Or is the TSS with c02 adaptor combo some sort of super-value that includes a standard TSS, adds in a $100 adaptor and $20 c02 tank, and somehow costs $50 less than a standard TSS by itself? Or is this possibly just a decoy, a nonfunctional tank for display purposes intended to entice me into upgrading to hpa?

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I wish I had your luck. I ordered the same setup as you did from Pyramyd Air and got just what I ordered. Have 10m range setup in house from living room to end of hall. My Tomcat pistol is a lot louder then the Talon SS.

I guess I should have pointed out earlier that I intend to keep the tank. I had planned on upgrading to hpa in the future for those rare occasions that I’m at the range, where I can set up for 30-100 yard shots. I don’t go there often though, because it takes 40 minutes to drive there, and I only have access to that range Monday through Wednesday, AND it’s by reservation only. I’m going to go at least once every couple of weeks this summer to practice with my powder-burners (shooting a pistol well takes lots of practice), but I don’t want to wait weeks in between shooting sessions with my TSS. I spent as much on it as I did my Glock, so I’d like to shoot it a lot!

just get a pump or scuba adapter and tank when you can save up some more cash, you wont regret using hpa i started out with a tss on co2 ended up with a 24” bbl and a hpa tank with a pump and a scuba tank this is an adictive gun 😀

I’ll Trade you a Brand New Gamo Big Cat with Scope for the tank.

That’s a sweet deal and good old PyramidAir does it again. For me I have got more free stuff from them and I love it.

Free 99 stuff:

Two David Phillips pellet holders (ordered .25 and got .177 & .20 for Airfore tanks with one shipment and a .22 &.25 holder for standard gun stocks in the other shipment before I got the right one).

3 tins of RWS Superdomes in .177.

2 tins of Beeman Kodiaks in .22

2 tins of Beeman Trophy’s in .22

When I call to say they FUCKED UP, I did this in the manner that I’m used to when this happens 😡 , they just say “keep the shipment and we will ship out the right order with no extra charge”
You just gota love that 😀

In my current situation, power is of little consequence. The majority of my shooting will be done at approximately 30 feet (the distance from one corner of my apartment to the other), so i don’t exactly need 90 ft/lbs or 1100 fps. And I do realize the TSS will not be challenged at this range, but i’m not exactly an expert rifleman. I initially purchased a Crosman 2240 for this purpose, and then added a stock, steel breech, trigger shoe, and scope. I like the 2240, especially given the extremely low price, but it is shockingly loud in such a small space.

You got lucky; have no obligation to send the item back or pay for it (other wise, people would be sending other people all sorts of stuff and demanding payment). Save it for the day when you do want to use HPA or sell it to lower your cost for the rifle.

They should of caught it…they are supose to do weight-checks; they know2 what the shipping weight of what you ordered is supose to be and if the weight is over that, should have lit up someone’s computer screen.

Are a few posts here on CO2 (admit, a good number seem to be mine) and think you’ll enjoy the experience. So long as you’re happy with 10-13 foot pounds (depending on caliber, temperature, etc.), the accuracy has been outstanding. Kind of nice to have the power of a fully pumped up Sheridan (or benjamin) without the noise.
Many years ago, Ordered a set of springs to rebuild an old Osprey form Beeman (when it was Beeman’s). Thought the box was a bit too big and heavy when i picked it up from my front porch. Was a P1 .177 with a spare 5mm barrel in the box along with my springs. Wasn’t on the invoice…guy on the phone was rude, so I kept it and was never charged for it.

pyramid sent me an extra tin of pellets w/ an order i just placed. I emailed them and told them, asking how to send them back, and they havent responded. they are some crappy pellets anyhow, so i guess i’ll use them for target practice.

enjoy the gift.

Hmm, guess it’s similar to when I ordered a steel breech for my Crosman 2240. I ordered it directly from the Crosman store, and prepared for the lack of a rear sight by purchasing a scope. However, when I received the package in the mail, I found that Crosman had included a $30 rear sight at no charge. I guess i just need to start ordering lots more stuff online if places are going to consistently send me free stuff that I did not order.

By the way, this site is excellent, and the same goes for the people who post here. I’ve been watching for a couple of months now, and there are some incredibly talented individuals here. Also, almost everyone here has a great attitude. I’m glad to be here! 😀

Somebody did not do their job and you were lucky enough to benefit from it. If they sent it to you, it is yours.

Looks like you lucked out…

Ever heard of the expression, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth…”?

You just got a free horse dude!!!

Guess they screwed up in your favor!!!

I’ll take that useless HPA tank off your hands no charge! 😆



Sounds like you got a damn good deal. All you need is a scuba fill adapter and you’ve got a straight on PCP that will shoot considerably higher power than Co2. Congratulations! 😀

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