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I need to buy some new pellets for my .22 TalonSS……Thanks to Tony I have an 18″ barrell & shroud.

Tony told me in his email which pellet is the best for my tuned Talon…I think I deleted the email.

I’ve been shooting Beeman Silver Arrows…because that is what I had. I think they weigh around 17………..should I go with a heavier pellet??

Thanks for your input

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With a Talon valve and 18″ barrel 21gKodiaks will be shooting around 900+/- fps thats 50fps less then perfect for this pellet, 950fps being optimim. The Kodiaks will shot well down to 750fps. In fact 15.9/16g JSB Jumbos would be the perfect pellet for your setup/ along with Kodiaks.

Thanks for everyones help…….that’s what I enjoy about this forum. If you have a question it always gets answered 😀

I’m pretty sure that Tony recommended the Kodiak…so I will stick with that one.

I’m also going to get some JSB predators for “critters”…it seems that they come highly recommended for that use.

I think the JSB Jumbos might be a little light for my application…so I will stick with the heavier pellets.

Thanks again I appreciate all the knowledge shared by others 😀

arnt the kodiacs also known as bisley magnums here in the UK ?

quote sky:

Have you tryed H&N Baracuda extra heavy? In me country i can’t buy Kodiac or EuJin so i shoot baracuda with very good results.

Barracuda’s and Kodiaks are the same pellet, both made by H&N, just relabeled for Beeman. Excellent pellet with either label, I just put in an order for 12 tins of .22 Kodiaks from PA, I’m almost out. Last time I ordered, they had the Barracuda Match cheaper than the standard Kodiaks, I think they shoot just a tiny bit better than the regular Kodiaks. Best pellet for my Talons for all around use, if I need more punch, I use Eun Jins. Later.


Have you tryed H&N Baracuda extra heavy? In me country i can’t buy Kodiac or EuJin so i shoot baracuda with very good results.

Kodiaks, JSBs work best for my needs. Preds are the most accurate pellet i’ve ever shot. To expensive for paper punching or plinking, i keep some around for hunting. I tried the Silver arrows as well, about as accurate as cro-mags good for short range work. The Kodiak 21g is i dare say the best all around pellet for this platform, heavy excellant down range energy retention or (BC) and when something gets hit it usually stays down.

im curious to see what you find. i’m getting the same thing from tony. i’m going to give the jsb preds a shot although they may be a bit light

Crosman Premieres in my Polygon rifled barrel are amazing.

beeman Kodiac or JSB Exact Jumbo have proven to be about the most accurate for me and many others here.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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