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    Finally getting back into shooting again. I’ve got a R&L condor .25 with a 24″ barrel, his shroud and the extreme valve.

    I just ordered Tony’s 14″ moderator so I’m looking forward to seeing what difference in sound it will make.
    I’m going to get the Jsb 33.95gr shooting well first, then try the Eun jin 43gr, then a few Nielson 49gr and Jerry’s 62gr slugs I have left over from a long time ago when I last shot.
    I didn’t have much luck with the slug grouping last time but I’m sure it was just me.
    On the pellets, I believe I was shooting them too fast trying to get the most fpe with accuracy that I could. I only get 4 good shots with the extreme valve before refilling. I have to rely on the bottle pressure for fps control with the pellets. With the bottle at 1500#, pw all the way down I pushed the 33.95gr at 950/940/920/905 (only did a quick check so these may change some). At 2200# I got the Eun jin to the 950 fps range.
    At these fps I’m getting 65fpe with the Jsb’s and 85 with the Eun jins.

    Once I get these shooting well I’ll get some sour corn going and try to get the hogs coming around again. I’ve got a green flashlight mounted on the scope that seems like it will work out fine for night hunting.

    This will take some time, but hopefully in the end I’ll be able to post a video of how it goes with a hog.


    Nice man i know the feeling. Been away for a minute also.

    On that moderator from Tony you will be impressed brother. I have been running one for a few years on my coyote cannon setup and it is a game changer. Ive tested it side by side with the r&l shroud and it does work better. I am in no way knocking the other shroud, i still have one rigged and ready to drop into my talon when it gos back to 22 but for my condor Tonys shroud is the only way to roll and is a whole nother level.

    Man your 25 cal is cranking out some heat.

    Good luck on them pigs and cant wait to see a video if ya get one.


    Yeah, I’m really hoping to get the hog shooting going soon. I like the fpe also, with slugs it can easily get >120fpe. But from what I’ve seen the 35 or 43gr should do the trick. Unless I can get the slugs grouping well, then I’ll go that route.

    I just put the moderator on and stepped out on the porch for a couple of test shots. Here’s my take on it.

    I guess I had my hopes too high, I was imagining much quieter since some were claiming <50db’s and Tony said an 80% reduction.

    Shooting the 43gr at 900fps it was slightly quieter than the R&L shroud. The positive note is that the pellet impact is definitely louder than the gun.
    Using what info I’ve gathered over the years on db’s and making an incredibly wild guess, I’d give the R&L a guess of 95/100 db’s and Tony’s close to 80. It is definitely quieter but it still has a touch of ear ring when shooting either shroud off the porch.
    I’m sure away from the house it will be much quieter.
    I don’t have a db meter and from what I’ve read the phone apps aren’t reliable above 50db.

    I’ll update as I get to shoot more.


    I’m much more impressed now that I’ve had a chance to shoot more. Watching through the door window you can only hear a pfftt sound. Close to it is still relatively loud but it’s more of an airy sound and this sound doesn’t carry very far. If I’m on the other side of the house it’s a very muffled sound. The hammer slap and impact of the pellet is still louder than the gun. Laying on the ground and shooting definitely dampens the sound even more. So far it’s definitely worth having, around houses it’s quieter than a pneumatic air gun.


    update; I’m lovin this moderator more and more :8: I have the Jsb 33.95gr grouping 1/2″ at 50 yds (I’ll post pics later).
    I’m getting 7 good shots before it begins dropping, which the next three can be good by aiming a little higher. So I’m much more pleased with this gun than I was the last time I was shooting.
    My bottle gauge reads 300# high so these shots are stated at the hose gauge reading. I’ll be glad when I get a regulator with some better gauges, the bottle gauge is a little hard to guess at the exact pressure sometimes;

    Power wheel at the lowest setting.
    1600# 928 fps/ 65 fpe
    1550 918
    1500 910
    1450# 898 fps/ 60.8 fpe
    1400 886
    1350 878
    1300# 865 fps/ 56.4 fpe

    I tried the 43gr EunJins but they didn’t group well just like the last time.
    If I get the slugs shooting well I may have to forgo the regulator so I can shoot the Jsb’s and the slugs for the hogs.

    I need to refill the tank so I can get the power needed for the 62gr 6 ring slugs.
    Next I’ll see how the Jsb’s group at 65yds.

    This gun can definitely be neighborhood friendly now, but I would be picky on how close the houses are and how my neighbors would feel about shooting.
    I shot my .22 pistol today and was caught off guard at the sound after shooting the condor, the pistol was much, much, much louder (very similar to how I remember the condor sounding without a shroud.


    When you’re shooting slugs from your gun instead of pellets, you MUST shoulder the gun. The heavier slugs change the barrel harmonics drastically. You need to do 2 things to tame this for successful slug shooting…

    1. Shoulder the gun twice as hard as you normally do when shooting pellets. This will allow your body to absorb some of the harmonics.

    2. Figure out a way to stabilize your barrel. They make harmonic barrel baffles. They work!

    By doing these 2 things you will see dramatic improvement with your groups. But just shouldering the gun tighter your c2c groups size will cut down by 40-50%. I found this out first hand 3 or 4 weeks ago on my first round of shooting with slugs. It seems too simple to actually work….. but it actually works. LOL.


    onebaddj you were definitely right on Tony’s moderator, I really love it.

    Fomen that slug advice sounds great, could be why I haven’t had luck with them in the past. As soon as I get my tank filled I’ll be trying the slugs.
    We’ve had so much rain I haven’t been able to shoot, I’ve set up a squirrel feeder 50yds out from the house and I should be able to just open the door and shoot when I see one 😀 (thanks to Tony’s moderator) I’m about to set some corn on it, my son has taken a couple out of the trees so we’re trying to get a few more, I haven’t had squirrel in years.

    I should be able to do some shooting this weekend.


    I shoot my 25 Condor with tony’s top hat at the middle fitting with 32 grain Barracudas. I also have the super long silencer for the 24 inch barrel. It packs a wallop and is reasonably quiet for backyard shooting in a suburban environment. Been a while since I chronied them, but I think its in the 900fps range


    Nice that you like the barracudas, I tried them at first but I still have the most luck with this gun using the jsb’s which shoot the best in the mid 900’s.
    It’s still been so wet, it’s finally starting to dry up , should be able to start shooting again soon. Squirrel season starts up in May. I really, really want to also get going on getting a hog, not sure how that’ll go now that my new trigger happy neighbors have the 20 acres where the hogs come up through 🙄

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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