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What would you get, HW80 or ANY of the RWS rifles. If you choose RWS, which one and why??? Remember, this is for iron sights shooting only.


Which of these German guns is the most suitable for open sights target shooting???

Just having this obstacle of trying to gather info from open sights shooters. I will soon need a good quality springer, preferably break barrel (don’t really like sidelevers), with open sights to shoot targets out to 30 yards. I know most of you scope your rigs right away…anyone still enjoying good old iron sights?


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i have an r1 in .177 cal and knew it would never be a really long range gun so i put an arpture sight on it. the beeman. i love it it is get for real close range like in the house. i accually shot a bat with it in the basement, and trust me it wasn’t easy. i like my r1 it is about the most accrute spring gun in its power classthat is break barrel. i still like iron sights it is just point and shot up to about 30 yards. also i use arpture sights on my kodiak .22 because i could not find a scope that could withstand it, even a 4200 bushnell.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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